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Essential elements of Communication Process

Updated on October 11, 2013
Elements of Communication process
Elements of Communication process

Point out the essential elements of communication process

Communication is taken as an important function in marketing. In this there are two sides: sender and receiver. The information or message is exchanged between these two sides. In this, the receiver should exactly understand what the sender has wanted to say. only then the objectives of the communication can be achieved . Such information or message can be communicated in words, signs, symbol, or figures, graph etc. The media for communicating such messages or information are newspaper, radio, TV, magazines, journals, e-mails, telephone, etc. Information can also be communicated with sound, signals, figures etc. In this two-way communication should be. The informer should carefully understand or listen the responses. In the same way, receiver should also carefully understand the information.

If both the teller and listener/sender and receiver are active, communication becomes effective and continuous. It creates an environment of coordination between both sides. this can contribute to all the advertisers, businessment, company, government bodies, industry etc. so, the advertiser should be able to select proper and suitable media to communicate message. Different elements are involved in the process of effective communication of information in marketing. They are as follows.

  1. Sender :- At first information/message should be produced to communicate it. Messages should be collected from different sources. They are different organizations of marketing, wholesalers, retailers, etc. They are also called message sender. They communicate information and messages time to time according to necessity.
  2. Encoding : This message or information should be made to flow in a way that the target group can understand easily. For such message simple words, proper signs, figure or language should be used or written. Then the message should be effectively edited to communicate to the target customer. Such message becomes effective and able to win the heart of the target customers. Otherwise, the message becomes meaningless.
  3. Channel :- After the message has been encoded or written and properly edited, it should be communicated through proper channel. The best among the available channels should be selected. Specially, radio, TV, newspaper, etc. are used to communicate the message. only then communication and message becomes effective.
  4. Decoding :- An advertiser makes flow of message or information carefully, listening, translating, analyzing and exactly understanding the meaning of the message is called decoding. Effectively, experience, ability, practical knowledge, feeling etc. also affect the understanding or decoding the message. So, the language style, Signs, or symbols, etc. should be used simple and easy to understand for the target group.
  5. Receiver :- The message or information communicated by the advertiser reaches the receiver. its effectiveness depends on mater how the receiver has understood it. If the receiver understands it positively exactly at the sender intended. It becomes successfully, if negatively sender becomes failure or the message becomes meaningless.
  6. Noise:- The advertiser makes flow of information or message. The other company's advertisement disturb such message/information affecting negatively. they put obstacle in listening the information/ message . so, the message sender or advertiser should make flow of messsge/information at the proper time when the advertisement of rival/competitor business organizations cannot disturb it.
  7. Feedback:- The receiver express reaction in one or the other way after they get information of messages. such reaction should be taken to the sender/advertiser so that the advertiser can make improvement in the next advertisement. If the reaction is positive, it can be given continuity, if negative it can be changed. Hence, sending the listener's reaction to advertisement/information to resource person of the advertisement . In this way, feedback is very important in communication system.


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