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Essentials of Digital Marketing

Updated on May 1, 2013

The Benefits of Social Media Marketing

The dominance of social media as a channel by which different businesses worldwide reach out to their target market and audiences is becoming more apparent. Business entities and organizations are spending a significant amount of resources in terms of time and finances to establish and strengthen their online presence via different social media channels, in the process hoping to create or reinforce brand awareness among their potential clients and customers. The increasing popularity of social media marketing as a component of effective business strategy is inevitable in view of the fact that social media sites by nature not only have the capacity to attract users, but also are able to maintain the loyalty of such users. For this and some other reasons, social media is a potent mechanism for a highly targeted marketing campaign, considering the very powerful influence that social media sites exerts upon its users. Discussed below are the most obvious benefits of utilizing social media as a component of a marketing plan:

1. Global Reach

One of the features that attract users all over the world to the different social media sites is their inclusive nature. This particular characteristics of social media sites render it a very potent channel for reaching consumers worldwide. Especially for upstart businesses, the appeal of being able to reach potential consumers in a global scale is very hard to resist.

2. Highly Targeted Niches

In contrast with other methods of advertising campaign that may be too broad to start with, social media has that distinct characteristic of enabling its advertiser to create a targeted campaign. This brings with it the advantage of having your advertisement directed to groups of people who have a high probability of being interested in your products or services.

3. Free Exposure

Traditionally speaking, the establishment of a solid and reputable social media presence typically does not necessitate incurring a significant monetary cost. There is, of course, the option to purchase an ad space in various social media sites, but the general trend is by publishing important and targeted updates through such channels as online forums. In such a scenario, the cost, if any, will only be in terms of effort and time.

4. Pooling & Development of Loyal Customers

Users of social media sites generally share the same interests. This characteristic can be taken advantage of by a marketer to create a cohesive group of loyal followers and customers. By identifying with such users’ interests, answering their queries, and offering valid solutions to their concerns, a marketing campaign has the potential in developing such a base of solid customers. It is just a matter of associating one’s products or services with the shared interests of specific online groups.

5. Establishment of Reputation and Expertise

A sustained participation in various social media channels such as online forums gives you an opportunity to develop and maintain your expertise in a given field or niche. When such an expertise is established and a good online reputation is developed, it can be associated with products or services. That amounts to a free advertisement by itself, which make the time and effort spent on social media really worth it.

Needless to say, the benefits of using social media as outlined above are just some of the advantages of a social media marketing platform. As technologies develop and evolve, it is bound to affect how people interact with each other, and that includes how social media affects them. It is clear, however, that social media marketing has inherent features and advantages that are otherwise not available within the confines of traditional advertising campaigns.


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