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Establish Good Relationships with Your Colleagues

Updated on September 3, 2014

Isn’t it amusing that we sometimes have to give up good jobs because of some horrible relationship at work with our colleagues? It is stressful to work with people we could not ‘connect to’ in the same office.

However, have you ever search yourself to find out whose fault it is? It is always easy to blame other people for the unsuccessful project. On the other hand, when you are made the scapegoat in a futile assignment, you feel miserable. You proceed to do all that you can to hurt someone and then be hurt in return. Nobody cares to uphold the values of workplace ‘respect’ anymore.

What went wrong in the first place? Yes, it was all because you failed to establish a good rapport with your colleagues.

Establishing good communication and rapport at the work place is very important. That is how you get to work with others in a comfortable way. Working well with others will bring you more advantages than if you work alone.

Some Suggestions For You To Work on:

Be honest with yourself

When your colleagues seem to shut you out of their conversations, you know there is something wrong with yourself. It is time you check your own attitudes. It is also time you lower your expectations on others.

Check yourself from time to time. Being humble, open and friendly will always get you the co-operation you need in your work. You will find that your colleagues are willing to share with you their experiences and even help you in your projects.

Show genuine interest in your colleagues

  • Have you shown any interest in your colleagues at all?
  • What do you talk to them about everyday?
  • Have you asked about their day or families?
  • Do you actually know your colleagues’ first names?
  • Do you have lunch together with your colleagues?

Suppose you have difficulty in answering the questions above, you know your relationship with them is bad. You cannot work in such an environment at all. You will find that your colleagues are not interested in finding out more about you too. There will be no communication between you and others.

Respect your colleagues’ opinions

Check your reactions toward your colleagues’ opinions. Do not forget that your facial expressions and body language can cause a rift between you and them. Do not show disrespect or contempt just because you disagree with them. Everyone has a right over his own opinions.

Listen carefully to their opinions. They may have better methods to overcome certain problems as some of them may have more experience than you.

Be a mentor to younger colleagues

You may have young and inexperience co-workers. Be their mentor but do not tell them so. Guide them in their work. Give them your moral support. Be happy for them when they have done a good job. Always lend a listening ear. You are doing well in establishing a good rapport with your other colleagues too.

Co-operating without demanding for rewards

People always ask what they can do for you in return for your co-operation. Well, the answer is always, nothing. You have sent across an honest message: you are a helpful person. You do not need them to reward you because you consider them as team members.

Accept your colleagues’ imperfections

Nobody is born with perfection in every area. The same goes with your colleagues. They are imperfect in some way. You are imperfect too. That is why working together you all will make a good team.

Avoid showing your support to the boss openly

When you openly support your boss, you are unpopular among your colleagues. You have made it clear to them that you are an avid supporter and will do anything to gain favor. At least, that is how they look at you.

Your colleagues will be very suspicious of you. They think you will convey all the news back to the boss. They will be unwilling to include you in any social discussion.

Do not start any gossip or complain about your colleagues

All right, there are some people you may not like in the office. Do not bother to voice your opinion. That person maybe a well like persona and you will get into trouble if you do so.

The mistakes most people made is they complaint to the wrong person! That sealed their fate! Do not make such mistake. If you dislike someone, keep it to yourself. Nobody shares the same value as you.

Gossiping kills the rapport you have built with your colleagues. Nobody knows how to handle a gossip as it spreads. You will be blamed badly.

Invite your colleagues out for a social weekend

Nobody says that colleagues cannot be friends. Invite them out for a social golf or a game of tennis can help to enhance the relationship. Some people like to go for drinks or ‘happy hour’ after work to wind up. You can join them too.

You can chat about anything except work. As friends, there is nothing under the sun that you all cannot share. However, the rule is, do not repeat what you have heard to someone else in the office later!

Last Words

You will perform very well when you work in an environment you feel comfortable with. That is why building good relationship or rapport at work is essential. It is the number one action one must do, on the first day at work. This is a skill you will bring with you to other job(s) later on. Having good relationships with your colleagues will also help to determine your performance review too. So, never underestimate the importance of building good rapports with your colleagues and bosses.


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      4 years ago

      Thanks so much for the article.Much thanks again. Great. deedaeaeaebb

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      6 years ago

      like what ever

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      8 years ago

      Must keep this print on my work desk. however last 3 words of title are redundent.

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      8 years ago

      What if our colleagues won't establish the same qualities towards us?

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      Shahid Naeem 

      8 years ago

      a basic information

      Shahid Naeem

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      9 years ago



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