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How to Establish a Business

Updated on October 19, 2015


We all know that it requires good amount of time and money to establish a business but there are simple effective ways which can save us both time and money. There are certain methods which can be followed in an organised way which could result in the successful establishment of the business.

Write a Plan for Business

• This is done by applying the necessary tools and resources to create a business plan. The planning of a business is very essential as it would give you an exact idea of your capabilities and limitations.

Business Assistance and Training

• You should take advantage if you get a chance of free training and counselling services. This may include the preparation of a business plan or securing your finances and may even involve the expansion and relocation of a business.

Choosing a Business Location

• You should ideally choose a business location which is customer-friendly as this would help a great deal in the promotion of a business. You should also check that the location complies with the various laws of the area.

Finance your Business

• You should preferably go for loans which are backed by the government as they would be much safer for you compared to loans from private banks and institutions.

Know the Legal Structure of your Business

• You should be well aware about the ownership the most suitable for you. You should know whether the sole proprietorship is god for you or a partnership suits you the best. You can also consider the idea of a Limited liability company or a non-profit or cooperative organisation.

Register a Business Name

• You should register your business name with your concerned state government as this would help you to avail all the benefits provided by the government.

Get a TIN Number

• You should get proper knowledge of applying for a Tax identification number and check with the laws in your particular area. Some businesses are even required to get an EIN number or an Employee identification number.

Register for Local and State Taxes

• You can ideally register with your concerned state and get essential things for your business which may include worker’s compensation, unemployment and state insurance.

Licences and Permits

• You should get a list of all the required local and state permits as this is important for the smooth running of your business. Once you get these permits you can do your business with ease and comfort.

Recognise Employer Responsibility

• You should learn the steps in a legal manner as far as hiring the employees is concerned. This would involve the payment done to employees on a regular basis and also what is the minimum amount of payment to be made in exchange of particular services. You should know about the proper slabs a far as the deduction of the taxes from the employee’s salary is concerned.


Thus we see that these are some of the effective steps by which you can establish your business and run it successfully.


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