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Etiquette Training: Need & Resources

Updated on September 22, 2016

Career as an Etiquette Consultant or Trainer

Etiquette is the key to behaving in society. The same is true in the business world. In fact, it’s hard to imagine a profession without manners and etiquette. Good manners speak for themselves while bad manners are tumultuous and threaten to ruin peace in a corporate setting.

How many of you would agree?

Manners, manners, and manners!

The more we talk about etiquette, the better. After all, this is a crazy little world, and we all need to stick to a few etiquette rules that define professionalism and courtesy. Etiquette makes you a cultured and socially responsible person.

Good manners always stand out and never go unnoticed, whether in private or professional lives! In business, etiquette could be your kingpin to winning a business deal.

While poor etiquette could cause you a business loss, acceptable behavior could be your secret to success.

Business is all about making first impressions.

As the economy tightens and competition becomes more intense, it is good etiquette training that could help you convince clients that you are a class part from the competition. Make the first impression, and you could run away with the deal!

It’s not for nothing that the demand for etiquette experts is on the rise, which means people like you with a passion for etiquette have an opportunity to capitalize on your interest area and reap huge rewards.

If you are passionate about respect and leading by example, living your values, having fun while at work, and being your own boss, you cannot find a more rewarding career than a business etiquette expert.

The Need for Etiquette Learning is More Than Ever

Etiquette matters as much in business as in your personal lives. Business etiquette consulting is all about teaching people the tips to behave properly in a business setting and secrets of good behavior that could win you laurels, praise, and admiration in the workplace.

There can’t be a more exciting career than being an etiquette consultant, where you can share your love for manners with others and capitalize on your strengths to ensure your words inspire and motivate your clients to excel. Could anything be better than transforming lives through sharing your knowledge and love for etiquette?

Etiquette consultants understand the science of human behavior and apply the same to work.

Imagine using your skills to transform a sloppy eater, who used to offend elders & youngsters alike, into a charming professional with whom everyone wants to share the dining table!

Could you be happier than this?

As an etiquette consultant, you may be hired to provide etiquette training for professionals in one or more topics. Poor employee behavior, attitude, and appearance reflect badly on the brand image of a business.

You may teach business people everything, from handling a soup spoon to running an international sales meeting, helping professionals interact successfully, win admirers, earn promotions, and get contracts in multicultural environments.

Of course, you will come across a few professionals who believe that etiquette rules are “ridiculous and outdated,” but you could help change their mind-set by showing how good demeanor transforms careers. Yes, etiquette consulting is all about teaching the right behaviors and helping clients unravel the secrets of leading professional life with grace and confidence – the secret to walk, talk, sit, dine, and behave professionally.

Etiquette Training: Transforming Lives & Career

Teaching someone the rules to behave appropriately in their professional lives is like helping them transform their careers for the better. I can go on and on and talk in length about the importance of etiquette in the business world.

Business etiquette consulting is a huge market.

If you are an etiquette enthusiast yourself, you could become the go-to etiquette consultant in your area.

As a business etiquette consultant, you can

  • Lead seminars on etiquette
  • Coach clients one-on-one
  • Help them avoid mishaps in a business environment due to the lack of etiquette

Good behavior reflects professionalism! Bad behavior is simply outlandish and portrays a negative picture. Imagine an employee talking rudely over phone with a client. How would that reflect on the client? Would they be willing to go ahead with the business? Contrarily, a professional skilled in etiquette would exhibit appropriate behavior and easily win over the client with their right demeanor.

This is exactly what etiquette consultants teach.

A rewarding career is in prospect for you as an etiquette consultant! Or you could choose to become an etiquette trainer.

Teaching Others to Teach: Getting Started As An Etiquette Trainer

Do you love etiquette and follow them to the core?

Do you want to spread the word about the importance of good manners? What should be the right approach to live your dream career?

Train the trainer and you could create a stream of etiquette trainers, who could bring about a transformation in people’s lives.

Starting your own etiquette training business can get you on the path of living your dream career and making a secure financial future. Overcome your fears and set personal and business goals. It is important to do your homework in detail before you start.

  • Begin with choosing a business name
  • Write an etiquette business plan with important elements.
  • Set up your etiquette consulting office – yes, your home could be your office too
  • Identify potential clients
  • Market your etiquette consulting services through social networks, free publicity, referrals, speaking engagements

It would certainly help to have a conversation with someone already in the business and willing to share their wisdom. You may want to look for existing franchise opportunities in the niche, so you can leverage their experience and etiquette training program to become a successful speaker, motivator, or trainer.

This could help you create your own etiquette training brand, which could be further used to train professionals looking for a career as a business etiquette training consultant.

When it comes to delivering a business etiquette training course, you require expertise in the domain. As a trainer, you must be able to communicate well, have good knowledge of the subject, and know how training works.

Try making your etiquette training programs interesting, engaging, and full of fun, which will generate interest and attraction. The program should emphasize on social and emotional learning, self-confidence, and character in the young generation as they become the global leaders of tomorrow.

As an etiquette trainer, your advanced credential sets you apart from others, helping you become more confident and competent than ever to lead business etiquette training programs yourself.

Make sure you practice what you preach. Discipline and punctuality are the key elements of etiquette. When you tell trainees to be punctual for an interview, it is important to lead by example and be punctual all through the training period.

However, in case of emergencies, make it a point to inform before time and express regret over not being able to present yourself in time. Do not forget to make up for the lost time some other day. The same rule applies for interviews.

For someone who has an interview scheduled for the day but is not able to attend the same due to an emergency, it is important to immediately call the authorities concerned to inform & express regret and request for another appointment.

I have been fortunate enough to meet with some of the most passionate, committed people who want to make a difference in the lives of present and future generations through etiquette training.

So you can see, good etiquette is all about exhibiting acceptable behavior.

Etiquette is an all-encompassing term that includes behaving appropriately in all situations,

  • From greeting a female co-worker in office to respecting privacy
  • From keeping official matters confidential to keeping personal discussions for home
  • From not bad mouthing the employer before others to dressing up appropriately for a formal dinner

Your etiquette expertise is highly valued everywhere. People want to learn about confidently speaking in public, dining with grace and style, and gracefully communicating with others.

There is a huge demand for business etiquette trainers since most young people lack confidence, communication skills, and proper etiquette. It is a technological-savvy generation of youngsters that thinks social skill means being hooked onto the screen of their mobile phones.

There is no better career than doing what you love, getting in total control of your time, and making a difference in people’s lives, while making an income and enjoying the most financially rewarding career.

Your help might be sought after by a company to train its young manager in proper business etiquette. Or they could even hire you to teach executives common etiquette rules expected of their job profile, from telephone to dining etiquette, from greetings & introductions to interviewing incidentals, from international etiquette to social etiquette, from executive communication to travel etiquette, and the list goes on!

A Rewarding Career Awaits You

Technology is both blessing and curse for society. While it has made lives easier and more productive, we seem to have become tech slaves.

A kind of technology addiction keeps people addicted to their digital devices. Professionals are no exception to it. Your services might be hired by a company to teach telephone or email etiquette to its staff.

Run training programs on digital etiquette for professionals and make fortune sharing advice on things that matter. Make these courses interactive, interesting, and engaging and bring a positive difference in people’s lives sharing your experience as an etiquette and manners consultant, coach, or advisor.

Yes, it’s time to realize your dream of helping others learn, accept, and adopt your personal values of character, integrity, and professionalism and transform their lives.

True, the immense job satisfaction that a rewarding career like etiquette consulting offers has no match. The sweet fruit of your labor could soon be apparent before your eyes.

Etiquette? What is that?

As a telephone etiquette consultant, you might get to teach an executive the best ways to communicate with a potential international or local client and win a business deal.

Let’s take an example.

Your client is engaged in an important conversation over phone when they get a signal of another important call waiting. What should be the best approach?

As an etiquette expert, you should advise them to politely ask the person if they would mind holding the call for a minute, as there is another urgent call waiting.

Simple and yet so clear!

What Next!

Kick-starting your etiquette consulting services isn’t that difficult. With zeal to realize your dreams of teaching manners to professionals or students, starting out on this new journey will be a breeze. Allow us to help you realize your dream career and move ahead in the business of transforming careers of professionals.

Most etiquette training courses are designed to guide you through the process of:

  • Starting Your Own Business
  • Financial Matters
  • Setting Your Fees
  • Getting Paid

How can you market and sell your etiquette expertise?

Etiquette training will help you learn the nuances of building a successful etiquette consulting business and unravel the tricks to promoting your services, developing interactive courses, strategically pricing your products, and what not!

Is it the right career option for you?

Still wondering whether etiquette consulting is the best career choice for you?

Well, tell me have you ever found yourself answering etiquette and sort of questions from a relative, friend, or boss – such as

  • How do I make this introduction?
  • What should I wear to the interview?
  • How should I behave before the interviewers?
  • How should I communicate over phone?
  • How to use a knife and a fork at the dinner table?

Do you enjoy advising them? Are you happy to use your knowledge to make them feel more comfortable and confident in different situations?

You absolutely love your work and helping people feel at ease in different personal, public, and business situations. You love to make a positive impact on the lives of professionals who lack the skill of proper handshaking and eye contact, introductions, communicating with confidence, listening, netiquette, dining, and telephone skills.

Imagine coming across a client who has found your etiquette guidance as a life-changing experience after having been on the verge of losing their job. Could there be a better feeling than improving others’ lives?

Now is the time to turn your etiquette passion into a rewarding career!

According to a Harvard University study, personal and soft skills matter the most in the workplace, influencing 85% of your success at work.

A lot of people are experiencing bad communication problems. They need your etiquette expertise to transform their lives. To succeed in this competitive environment, professionals must exhibit both strong technical skills and polished soft skills.

Choose the best business etiquette certification program

Free from provincial idiosyncrasies and based on universally accepted etiquette, the best etiquette training program is highly relevant in today’s social and business setup and upholds the universal tradition of good manner.

You will find it easier to navigate through the everyday challenges with ease through user-friendly etiquette sessions and learn to master skills that will help you outshine business rivals in your industry!

Look for courses that comprise games, stories, and interactive, interesting, and relevant topics that encourage a dialogue, create interest, and get students involved.

I am hopeful of a brighter, well-behaved, and kind world! Are you?


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