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Europe Business Assembly Academic Lounge

Updated on May 6, 2016

Europe Business Assembly opened the service of continuing education“Academic Lounge” on the basis of office in Oxford. It realizes a unique educational program – Smart Education Platform.

Smart Education Platform is designed for distribution of visual and digital information by means of modern devices. Smart Education Platform contains online seminars, trainings, workshops from leaders of science, industry and business, debates and video-presentations. The knowledge is accumulated in Oxford for distribution in Europe and other continents by means of creation of regional training centers.

The audience can listen to an authorial program from European experts “Global business for effective management”.

The program consists of the following courses:

- Global business-thinking

- Effective management of business

- The world of brand

- How to transfer communications into money.

Following the results of learning members of the audience receive an official certificate. The best graduates are automatically enrolled into the Register of effective managers, who will be recommended for work in leading core businesses being affiliates of Europe Business Assembly.

EBA leadership also invites everybody, who is interested in such a program, to cooperation, and also to take part in the development of new courses and formation of World intellectual product.

Europe Business Assembly (EBA) is an internationally recognized public non-governmental organization, successfully working since 2000. Being the Assessment, Consulting, Marketing and Publishing centre, based in Oxford, UK. EBA projects’ profile includes: more than 6000 representatives from 56 countries have been taking part in EBA held projects and events; hundreds of innovative projects have been presented; B2B and networking leading to new international investment projects of EBA and partners. EBA’s mission is to develop and implement projects for the economic and social growth of regions, companies and corporations, providing practical dialogue between experts, investors, businessmen, government bodies and local authorities. .

‘Prime Business Destinations’ Programme is the international investment priority project of EBA; in action since 2015. Within the framework of the project the EBA expert panel selects territories with the favourable business and investment climate to provide representation and promotion to EBA licensed companies-participants at the advantageous territories. EBA holds a loyalty membership support to its community members presenting and promoting the company’s and territory’s achievements and expanding the licensed leading regional companies to new markets at the investment attractive dynamically developing locations. The programme guarantees the perfect match for investment cooperation through presentations and target audience meetings. Programme participants include: municipal and government officials, investment bodies, representatives of business pools; researches and academics.

Since 2015 EBA in the framework of ‘Prime Business Destinations’ programme 10 international investment summits and investment focus sessions have been successfully organized and held in such top destinations as: London (UK), Vienne (Austria), Montreux (Switzerland), Cannes (France), Oxford (UK), Nicosia (Cyprus) and on the territory of the Dead Sea Development Zone in Jordan.

The range of investment and cross-promotion projects in the field of city infrastructure & sustainability; innovation; business partnership are in the implementation phase at the moment. Amongst the projects there are: Infrastructure development of The Dead Sea Development Zone (Jordan) and Issyk-Kul Lake Development Zone (Kyrgyzstan) – one of the most ecologically attractive territories of Eurasia. The innovational products of a number of companies in different business segments from Europe, Asia, Africa, and Middle East are being successfully promoted in the framework of ‘Prime Business Destinations’ programme.


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