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Events Planner is One of the Best Home Based Business Opportunities

Updated on August 8, 2015

Any event holds the possibility of being planned

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Romantic getaways

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An events planner is one of the best home based business ventures with a large profit margin

There is a number of different work at home opportunities countless people consider before settling on one. As a business entrepreneur possessing a knack for putting together events, why not consider becoming a home based business events planner. This happens to be one of the best opportunities for countless folks looking for home business investments.

It is rewarding financially and personally for a number of reasons. Find out more about the advantages and disadvantages and why it is possibly something of interest for you.

The future is bright

Special events are had by all. In other words while going along with routine lives, we run into instances where a celebration is warranted. Not only is there something special and unique going on, but a personal host is needed. Whether it’s a high school reunion or a bridal shower. When it comes to celebrating special events someone must bring everything to together in order to make them happen.

There is a need for some sort of professional help. The expert capable of making this happen does exist. Most people love to attend, but a rare few enjoy the hosting portion of the affair. There are some lousy at the job where nothing goes right or they plan poorly. There are some great host and at the other end of the spectrum are the bad ones. To avoid getting the short end of the stick, pay for the pleasure of a wonderful event. Get an event planner.

There are very few rarely do they like the idea of all of the work involved in making it kick off and happen without a hitch. This is where professional expertise comes in and the possibility of getting paid for doing it. For the individual capitalizing on the bright future out there, the sky is the limit. Remember, there will always be a special occasion to celebrate with family and friends no matter who you are or where you live.

Why hire an event planner

These specialists are employed because most clients like the special occasion being given to take place without incident. Things running smoothly make for happy memories and more importantly satisfied customers who tell friends and family what a great job the even planner did for them.

They have the know how

One of the biggest reasons help is sought out is because they lack the know how needed. For an example, wedding planners typically have a listing of sub contractors they hire to do things such as flowers, music, table linens or even valet parking if appropriate. These are things which are difficult hurdles for the average person to do or take care of for large events.

Less personal stress

It is must easier to tell someone personal needs or expectations and allow them to make it happen. Less stress before, during and after an event is a definite benefit. For example, an enormous baby shower where the mom and dad's family are meeting one another for the first time would do well with this professional on board. The stress from the co mingle of two families is enough without the goings on of the shower.

The professional hostess hired for the day takes over and the rest is a breeze. The mom to be is relaxed, families are engaged with getting to know one another and things run well throughout the process. Another satisfied customer coming your way via word of mouth.

Getting exactly what you want

Clients know what they want and expect it to take place with as little fuss and work on their part as possible. When you look good they look good. This all converts to more money in the wallet. Most clients are actually paying for a piece of mind their special gathering takes place without incident and runs smoothly.

Who becomes an event planner?

People successful with this type of home based business generally enjoy the work and expertise when planning events. The chief types of personalities are those with A traits. They happen to be people with a mind for detail, are able to multi task, work independently for the most part and give orders which are understood and carried out.

Work with outside help

There are numerous times when working with subcontractors which means working well with others. Relaying orders and keeping them organized as well. Sometimes there are employees of a venue under the planner's direction. When this happens take it as the same

Many successful professionals in the field have planned events off and on for a number of years without a business aspect in mind.Coming to the realization of getting paid for something you already know and feel a comfort in performing is wonderful.

Work with a business as well as personal

You may have planned corporate events through your day time job for years and never considered getting paid personally for what you do for a company or boss above you. The pay is considerably more when you are your own boss in nearly all of these same situations. Amazingly, a lot of these companies like outsourcing these particular jobs.

This is a highly stressful way to make a living that involves working with a lot of different people, personalities and companies all at work with you to make the final product a success. There are always crisis that occurs as the work unfolds and many of the people that are involved with making it come about will use you as a “go to” person. More emails, phone calls, meetings and contacting than anyone thought possible.

Know your job and more

You must be highly aware of what is transpiring at all times throughout the planning and execution. A good one needs to be tough skinned for a lot of the predicaments that transpire and put a glitch in all of the arranging, scheduling and design going into the project. Attention to details is a must along with being highly organized goes without question. Your overall job is to satisfy the client with coming as close as possible to their desires with the budget provided.

Responsibilities for a home based business events planner

These are some of the tasks a home based event planner is generally responsible for. Although this is a business defined as working from home, many of the tasks you perform fall outside of the home.

•Finding a site or location for the event

• Controlling transportation if needed

•Handling sending invites

•Arranging accommodations for attendees if needed

• Supervising activities of any support personnel needed

•Supervising the site

• Managing continual evaluations of the status

• Handling research for everything surrounding what is taking place

• Achieving a design or theme

•Reporting progress to the client at prearranged intervals

Most of these tasks depend on the size and type of the event arranged. Whether you are arranging to take care of a party of 20 versus several hundred will control the time investment, costs and work involved with these responsibilities.

In conclusion

The future is exceptionally bright for the profession. There are always anniversaries, graduations, babies coming and other special occasions to design and put together for clients. The largest investment is time.

There is an extremely low capital investment to start the company which is one of the major appeals. Some planners will take the opportunity to buy transportation, catering tools or other hard copy tools used over and over again if they happen to special in a particular field. This lowers the output cost and increases their earnings.

If your personality fits the traits needed to make this work based on the info provided here, give it a try. There are always clients searching for someone to take care of the next family reunion or birthday bash. The possibilities are endless with the right imagination and know how

How about certifying as a Certified Special Events Planner or CMP

Consider certification

Certification is not a necessity. However, getting a degree or certification in your field of business is a plus. Lots of local universities or community colleges do offer certification through various educational opportunities in their curriculum.

The degree or certification is a CSEP or Certified Special Events Planner or CMP which is Certified Meeting Planner. The designations are provided by Meeting Professional International or MPI. Check online for learning opportunities for certification as well. Becoming certified is an advantage for specializing in corporate events and helping with credibility for your business.

There are a number of advantages to starting a home based business events planning service. One of the biggest advantages is the low overhead cost to begin your business. You are working with a clients budget to get the job done. Your largest investment resource is your expertise and time in coordinating events.

Home based event planning is a business opportunity that is well worth the investment. The average profit margin is generally 15%. However, many corporate event planners can easily see a 25% to 30% profit margin. Corporate America is outsourcing many of their event planning activities and now is a great time to take advantage of an increasing and growing market for the home based business event planner. Events planner is one of the best home based business opportunities today.

Instructions on how to plan a teen birthday party from teens. This is an inspirational video for any party planner

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