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Evergreen Content :: How To Profit From Evergreen Topics

Updated on September 9, 2012

Evergreen Content, Solving the Mystery

Evergreen content, that's all I heard about two and a half years ago when I started at HubPages. So many people talked about it and recommended using "evergreen content" to write lasting articles. The articles were supposed to make more money because they would stand the test of time. Unfortunately the term itself seemed mysterious and few people were telling what, exactly, evergreen content is.

There are different schools of thought when it comes to writing your articles. Some say the SEO, search engine optimization, is the most important part. Getting found by the search engine and given a good ranking seemed an impossible dream to those of us who did not understand how the search engines decided what pages to find.

Niche marketing came next on the list. if you write about Golf or Tattoos you know you will have people finding you eventually. You just keep researching and writing and one day (what day?) you will become an authority.

Informational writing such as how to articles was hot and soon sites sprang up just for the purpose of writing articles telling people how to do any number of things. Just do a search of how to boil an egg and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Next we heard that you had to follow the trends and write about what was a hot topic today...

Well, just because a topic is hot today does not mean it will be hot in six months. Choosing to limit yourself to a single niche market is difficult for many people because they feel that they are limiting the audience for their writing. How to articles can get pretty boring after awhile. Now, with all of the changes that Google has been forced to make over the years as content grew and their old ways began to fail, SEO is not going to get you found as it did two years ago.

Now affiliate marketers are seeing huge drops in their traffic which means a drop in their income. So what is this evergreen content and is anyone making money off of it?


The Evergreen Content Myth Dispelled.

Evergreen content is what has always sold. Think about it carefully and the mystery becomes easy to solve. The book that has sold more than any other book on earth and been translated into more languages than any other book on earth is the Bible. So this is where you must look to find your evergreen content. Please don't stone me yet.

If you write about Creation (the first page of the Bible is about creation), whether you write about the Biblical story, the big bang theory, evolution, or scientific research on the origins of our universe, that content is evergreen.

Religion, many religions of the world use the Bible or refute its veracity. Whichever side of the tracks you fall on, writing about your beliefs or the beliefs of others, doing your research and showing a real interest in your subject matter will get you the desired traffic.

Look at the Books of the Bible. Ruth is about a woman who goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure the safety of the tribe she married into. It's not her tribe, but her husband's tribe and she's a widow. She could have just gone home, but she didn't. She stayed and she is remembered. Great stories about great women will always be evergreen. Women in tragedy, women in adversity, writing about the struggles of women throughout the centuries would be a fantastic evergreen topic.

Writing about faith is another great way to get traffic. Teaching people to be brave and face the problems head on like David did with the giant Goliath.

You do not have to be religious in any way to use this tool for seeking evergreen content to write about. This book writes about how to build, how to diet what you should and should not eat. It talks of treasure, of love. of loss and of battles won and battles lost. There are so many evergreen topics in this one book that you will never run out of inspiration. If nothing else you can sell write about the book itself and place links to sell the Bible and the numerous books that have been inspired by it.

How to use Evergreen Content

In order to have success with evergreen content you should look at other books that have stood the test of time and find out where the authors got their inspiration. Napoleon Hill wrote Think and Grow Rich and the book has never been out of print to the best of my knowledge. He wrote it because of inspiration from the source I already mentioned.

So, your turn. Anna Karenina, The Mona Lisa, War and Peace. The whole of history is yours to explore. Look for something that has stood the test of time and never run out of power to encourage, enrage, or entertain. When you look at even the simplest of these things, many of which you may have at you fingertips, find out why they have stood the test of time. Then do your research and find out what the inspiration was. I am sure you will find your evergreen topics are everywhere. You just have to look at what was so important to you that you had to own a copy.


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    • Faybe Bay profile image

      Faye Constantino 5 years ago from Florida

      Thank you! I had though this hub was dead. I really enjoyed writing it and thought I had chosen an evergreen topic, I mean what could be more evergreen than EVERGREEN, LOL. I thought people would want to know how to profit now that the Google universe has changed. I am glad someone finally read this one. Thanks again.

    • Learning in Life profile image

      Megan Sisko 5 years ago from SW Florida

      Great hub! I never thought about it that way.