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Everything You Should Know to Find a Job in Bhopal

Updated on May 7, 2015

All about Bhopal

Bhopal Road
Bhopal Road | Source

Brief Yourself About Bhopal

A very few of us would be knowing the crucial facts about Bhopal and the developments it has attained over the years. The city isn't really seen as a hub among the major cities of India, but it is surely in the race of turning out to be a prominent Indian destination in every possible manner. Be it industrial development, infrastructural growth, or employment sector, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh seems to be pacing up.

To all those, who know a little about the city Bhopal, a few details are worth being mentioned here. Bhopal is the capital city of the Indian state Madhya Pradesh, which is considered one of the incredible parts of the country. The cultural heritage and the historical wealth still maintained well by this state attracts a huge influx of tourists every year. Bhopal, too is appreciated for its natural beauty and lakes that the tourists visiting the city appreciate the most. It's a developing city, which expects a promising future. Be it the culture, nature or lifestyle, everything has its own fancy story in Bhopal, often called the 'city of lakes' by many. With this, the city makes it worth being called an incredible part of Madhya Pradesh that lives up to the expectations of its native residents and even the ones, who are gradually finding their abodes in the city.

Jobs in Bhopal

You may consider these jobs in Bhopal.
You may consider these jobs in Bhopal.

The Job Sector in Bhopal

This Indian city may not be as competitive as the major job hubs in the country, but it surely holds the potential to grow up to a level, where job seekers consider it for their job hunt. The city is developing and with this, the job sector too seems to be growing. A city which earlier only had the small & medium enterprises, conventional retail brands and industries operating here, is now welcoming the international BPOs and the employers that can shape the future of Bhopal's job sector quite well. The city, at present is home to Genpact and Aegis, the leading players in the business process outsourcing. The city is even pacing up to welcome IT companies and BPOs and expand the market for the job seekers in the city.

The other prominent sectors in the city are finance, education and real estate. Bhopal witnesses the existence of major players in banking in finance in the city. Some of the major finance companies operating here include Reliance Life Insurance Co. Ltd., Ujjivan Financial Services Pvt. Ltd., Muthoot Finance, and many others. Besides, the banks in the city include Axis, HDFC, Kotak Mahindra, ICICI, Indusind, ING Vysya, and many other nationalized & private banks.

Coming on to the education sector, the city is seen pacing up. The government here is planning to develop Bhopal into an education hub. The city presently houses 74 engineering colleges and five medical colleges. Besides, two significant educational institutions All India Institute of Medical Sciences and National Institute of Fashion Technology are already operating in the city. Some other institutions operating here include Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology and Indian Institute of Forest Management. Besides, the government is planning to come up with new education set ups, for which, an area of 400 acres has already been earmarked.

Further, is we consider the real estate development in the city, it seems to be taking a leap. The infrastructure development is evident in the city and with this, the future of the city looks promising too. However, it's a fact that real estate is not a booming industry in the city, but the city is surely coming up with a new face of infrastructure.

Besides, one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies Lupin Laboratories Ltd. Has its facilities based in Bhopal over the area of 65 acres at Madideep. Bharat Insecticides Limited (BIL) is another major pharma companies operating in the city.

For media students and journalists, Bhopal seems to be holding a great fortune. This becomes evident with the existence of The Times of India, Hindustan Times, The Pioneer (Indian newspaper), and Youth Engine in the city. Besides, Dainik Bhaskar, Raj Express, Nazare Hind, Nava Bharat, Nai Dunia, and Dainik Jagran are the other names that create jobs in Bhopal. You can find a job in Bhopal by scrolling through the numerous jobs listed on the job portals.

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The Industrial Activity in Bhopal

Most of you if asked to move to the city may not be so eager about it, right? But, many after taking a troll in the city and spending some days exploring the city more find it worth extending their stay. Even if we talk about the job sector in the city, it doesn't disappoint you. The infrastructure and industrial development being witnessed is adding to the value of the employment sector in Bhopal. More retail brands are seen heading to the city. The number of industries too, has been increasing. While some conventional industrialists have been upgrading their businesses, many new players are seen adding value to the industrial strengths of Bhopal. The conventional industrial units in the city belonged to electrical goods, medicinal, cotton, chemicals and jewellery. Besides, some other major industries in the city are cotton and flour milling, cloth weaving and painting, as well as the ones producing matches, sealing wax, and sporting equipment. Most of these are located in Govindpura industrial area, which houses more than 1000 small- and medium-scale industries.

In the present era, some new large conglomerates have entered this industrial market in Bhopal. While we talk about the industrial activity in Bhopal, it becomes essential to mention a few names that have been prominent here. Some of these are Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Hindustan Electo Graphite (HEG), Makson group of company, and Eicher Tractors. All these reputed brands have their manufacturing units in Bhopal. Besides, Lupin Laboratories Ltd., a leading pharmaceutical company also has its operations in the city.

Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh

The city has multiple career choices for young and creative professionals.
The city has multiple career choices for young and creative professionals. | Source

Employers in Bhopal

Lupin Laboratories Ltd.
Ujjivan Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.
Hindustan Electo Graphite
Bharat Insecticides Limited
Reliance Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
Dainik Bhaskar

Salaries offered by companies in Bhopal


How well can you make in the city?

Now when you know all about Bhopal's job sector, it becomes essential to know about the pay packages you can expect from the jobs in Bhopal. The salaries offered here may not be as alluring as the ones in the metro cities, but the salaries here can surely be the motivating factors for you. As per an international research firm, the average salaries for some job roles have been mentioned below.

For the software developers in the city, the average remuneration in Bhopal is Rs 2,11,339 per year, whereas an area sales manager can make more than Rs 5,00,000 annually. The average pay package for a mechanical engineer in Bhopal is Rs 4,27,500 per year. Further, for the operations manager, the average annual pay scale in the city is more than Rs 4,00,000, whereas the average annual remuneration for a relationship manager is Rs 3,75,000.

Do you qualify for the jobs in Bhopal?

The job market in Bhopal is flourishing. Besides the job opportunities in the industrial sector, many new jobs are being created here. You can go on to find many new jobs in the city. For the entry-level sales jobs in insurance, baking, retail, and other sectors, one doesn't need to obtain any specific degree. Soon after moving out of school, an individual is eligible for these jobs. However, to move ahead, at least a bachelor's degree would be required. Those getting in the sales and marketing jobs after obtaining a bachelor's degree have better prospects. Besides, for engineering jobs in the city, a B.Tech, or B.E is required. Besides, a bachelor's degree in business administration can land you into an operations job in the city.


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