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Everything in this world has become a commercial transaction!

Updated on September 2, 2013

Money has become the chief aim of human life!

I feel sorry to have selected such title for this hub. But the truth must be told. The world has become a huge commercial establishment. Human values are nowhere to be seen. In everyone's mind baring a few, the only idea is "how am I to benefit from this? Long ago mothers are considered the most selfless persons in the world. Even now it is so. But there are certain aberrations to this sanctified relationship. We hear from the media many reports indicating that money is valuable than relationships. For the sake of money, many poor women are ready to sell even their babies. This is more rampant in third world countries. I do not mean to degrade the sacrificial tendencies of mothers all over the world. It is certainly an aberration in ethics.

There are many events where the mother starve to feed her young babies. Yes, it is a fact. Generally mothers never expect any thing back from their children. But the children should be great full to their mother throughout their life for the many sacrifices she has made to bring up the child.But the mushrooming of old age homes in every country tell the true story. Mothers are no more wanted. Why this terrific state of affairs? Once Sathya Saibaba has told a gathering that every man should cultivate three essential qualities. "Fear of sin; Love for god; and justice or righteousness in society. If people start adhering the above, they won't slide to demonic levels.

In the good olden days, education and health care were almost given free baring some token costs. Today, education and health care has become big business and almost all politicians of influence start professional collages in order to earn. Liberalization has dented the educational system. Now in India, the government had to interfere in fixing the capitation fees for Engineering and Medical collages. People spend lakhs of rupees to secure admission in medical collages. Once they become Doctors, their aims is to earn back the money spent on their education. The poor patients bear the brunt.

There are many good people residing in the villages, who offer free help during marriages and other functions in any house hold. Now all the services under the sky has been monetized. There is a rate for every thing. If you have money, you can get things done without much botheration. From marriages to funeral services, there are contractors who arrange everything for a fees.No doubt, money is the most essential commodity in the present day economy. But people have forgotten human values in this process. Even in the places of worships, commission agents have intruded to get the grace of god for money!

Why this sorry state of affairs? To my knowledge certain valid reasons could be attributed for this condition. 1.People consider wealth as the highest deity 2. Selfishness has become more rampant in a commercialized economy. 3. People do not listen to their conscious while they have duties towards their parents, teachers, elders and society. We can not live aloof in society. We need family, friends and relatives for every little thing. Hence we have to pay back their debts duly. 4. People are not aware that life is short but pure love can embrace the entire humanity as our own. 5. God is immanent in every one as the self of the individual. The same identical self resides in each one. If we harass somebody, we are actually harassing the God within. If we help somebody, we help our own selves. Human values like Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Pure love and non-violence should be our motto in life! If we lead our life in that pattern, the idea of gain and loss will never haunt us. We will remain content with what we are blessed with. Above all, Unity is the best way to foster peace in the world!



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