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Ewen Chia GDI - See why he is a success with Global Domains

Updated on August 29, 2010
GDI Leaderboards screenshot
GDI Leaderboards screenshot

"Ewen Chia GDI" See why he is a success with Global Domains

If you look at the leaderboards of Global Domains week after week you will notice that the same names are on it. All of these people use systems of some kind to be able to sign up so many new members on a weekly basis with GDI.

Ewen Chia is no different and as the publisher of several E-books that have surfaced the internet in recent years he has built quite a large mailing list.

Using Opt in with Global Domains is an excellent way to get new GDI recruits into your downline. You have to constantly be building mailing lists and marketing to new people as not everyone is going to take you up on your offer to join. You need to be able to drive a fair bit of traffic to your GDI capture page.

BUT it's not just Ewen Chia making these profits. The Bear Marketing Team is doing similar things as is Tissa Godavitarnes team. The BMT has something over all the other teams though and that is a complete how to guide to success with regular webinars and video tutorials, ebooks, even free software. Thousands of dollars worth of information at your fingertips when you join us and it is all free because we need you to succeed so that we make more money, whilst at the same time you will begin to make money and be able to recruit new members into the system and be able to give away all of this valuable information at the same time. You can see how quickly you can build such a successful team.

NOW as for traffic!!! You are having trouble getting traffic to your Capture pages?

Luckily there is a very good way around this problem that can have you getting plenty of traffic to your website. What you need is a traffic plan and thats what our team provides with GDI. We can show you how to get the traffic to your website through various social networking websites and article writing, videos etc. What you need to understand though is how to have them all working for each other so that they all feed off each other to drive plenty of traffic to your website.

Once you have this it is a good idea to have some sort of freebie to give away. You then use this to get people signing up for your Opt In Mailing list. The reason why you want to build a mailing list is that some people need to see your website numerous times before they will signup for GDI. Our team also has some great Autoresponder Mailing Software completely free for you to use with your email marketing strategies.

Unlike a lot of teams on GDI our team focuses on helping each team member achieve their goals. We do this because of the downline structure of GDI. You are actually not making your maximum amount of money if you don't help your downline grow. You need them to grow so that you can build your residual income for life.

At first the building can be slow but the more of a downline you build the faster it will become as you have more and more people signing up and working under you and people also working under your signups people etc 5 levels deep.

If you would like to find out how to not have to rely on the Search Engines for traffic then go to and see how to benefit from a 100% free marketing system. Also to find out more about our GDI team you can visit that link as well.


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      jody moore 5 years ago

      I too am a gdi sponsor and really would like to give a thumbs up to gdi, as this is the best opportunity around, hands down, I know it sounds cliche' but this is the truth, all you have to do is see for yourself