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8 Simple ways to Earn Income in Papua New Guinea

Updated on July 23, 2014

When you work strict budget it is easy to get frustrated if you see something that you want, but don’t have the cash to buy. With the rise in prices of all goods and services in Papua New Guinea, average wage earners who use to enjoy certain things deemed luxury in the past according to their own definitions could hardly do so these days. Many are finding it a burden to work for wages these days. Simply because when pay Friday is gone, Monday becomes a gloomy day. You know what I mean. All money gone for food, wantoks, customs, water and electricity bill, transportation fees. Back to square one. Some get Dinau Money from the money lender to be paid back with interest perfect the practice over time and eventually become Kings and Queens of Dinau as my mentor and friend John L.P. Schmidt says always.

Quite frankly, most Papua New Guineas are excellent spectators. Instead of doing something about our stressful financial situations, we spectate and complain bitterly daily in our daily papers View Points section in the streets, busses, workplaces and even in our own homes where we supposed to be in peace with our families.

If you are a CEO of a multi-billion company like Coco Cola than you would just laugh at the current challenging economic situation we have in the country. But for an average Papua New Guinea, this is a brutal reality. As soon as you get your pay on Friday, O’Neal Namah Government gets its share, your employer gets his, your wantoks get theirs and voila; your fortnight Monday always remains a gloomy day.

After a bit of research, I signed up with an online self-publishing site call Hub Pages where I write for income. I write, publish and earn. I then coach aspiring freelance writers for extra income that pays off handsomely. I am now into writing and selling eBooks.

The bottom line is for you to create different streams of income apart from your fortnightly wages to bring extra pocket money you so much desire for things you want but can’t get because of your tight budget.

Here I discuss eight simple ways any average Papua New Guinean can earn extra pocket money. If you are serious, you can nurture your small business adventure into something bigger that can even generate greater cash flow into your accounts so you can sit down, sip coffee and watch zeros in your account increasing and your account growing fatter and fatter.

1.Rent out a room, storage shed or garage

Most educated couples in town love to have a small sizeable family of one, two or three kids but tend to live in spacious house with large backyards. You can turn the extra room (s), storage shed or garage into an income earner. Only if you own the house. You can’t do this to company owned houses. Put out notice on notice boards around local shopping centers, bus stops, school notice boards or advert sections in the daily news papers like The National, Post Courier, Sunday Chronicles, Business or even in Face book where thousands of Papua New Guineas young and old flood into every day for personal and business usage. Just be careful about your client. Investigate thoroughly the background of your clients before you accept them.

2. Barter or sell your skills

What skills do you have? Are you good at it? If you answer yes, than you have an income earning stream not being utilized. Are you good at music, sports, writing, handy craft, computing both hardware and software, floral arrangement, cooking etc…etc…You see, your employer uses your skills to produce the product or service it sells to its consumers from whom your pay comes from. You are just being used as a tool. You can use that very skill to produce similar product of service, sell it and you have money all for yourself. This isn’t rocket science. It’s a bag of common sense. I do desk top publication for few bucks and it works pretty well. My clients for resumes are living as far as Kimbe and Port Moresby and I live in Lae. Make use of the social medium of communication such as email, fax and mobile to shell your skills hard and you will be rewarded handsomely.

3. Typing or word processing resumes or student assignments

You may think it’s easy to write a resume but it requires technical skills to write a convincing resume that earns an interview. If you are a good marketer, you are in a better position to market a person in resume to earn few bucks. Some people just don’t know how to type few words using Microsoft Word. Grab that chance to earn.Many university students get behind their work due to events like student unrest or boycotting of classes as recently done by major universities around the country for Election Deferral and passing of the infamous Judiciary Act.Do their typing for money if you know how to type. For major projects, you can type, print and bind and ask for higher bucks. Always charge reasonable amount for your services to encourage more clients.


There is an observable increasing trend by career oriented or sick or old aged people to source most of the boring or even dirty or labor intensive jobs around their house. Meal preparation, washing, ironing, backyard cleaning, gardening and to name a few. Take advantage; take it as fun and you earn few bucks. Some wealthy executives pay handsomely. You can do this in weekends or your off days. Few weeks ago two young lads in our street, 9th Street in UPNG were asked to remove roofing sheet in a neighboring house in a weekend. The boys walked away rich enough to get themselves drunk. You get the idea. I am only showing you how to make money. I have absolutely no right to tell you how to use it. Let me just say be wise with your money so you won’t hurt yourself or work your head off to make ends meet every day.

Especially elderly people are always maybe looking for a little friendly conversation so if you can give that and make them comfortable having you around, they will undoubtedly spread the gospel about you among their wealthy and well-off friends and you are on your way to something big. Do an honest job and build good reputation.

5.Small home base business

In addition to their full time job, there are ways some people enjoy earning income from home that doesn’t require huge startup capital and complex office facilities. I have listed relevant Homes Base business opportunities any one can start.

1. Freelance writing

2. Desk top publication

3. Net work marketing with organizations such as Proma and QNet recently making waves in Papua New Guinea

4. Selling flex cards and direct top ups, sweets, soft drinks, smokes and betel nuts

5. Writing eBooks. If are a specialized in a certain skills, write eBooks about it and sell

6. Blogging

7. Coaching/mentoring or tutorials of skills you are good at

8. Baking

9. Desk top publication. If are creative with computer, you can use Microsoft Publisher to produce gift certificates, newsletters, brochures, catalogues, ID cards, advertisements and many more for money.

6. Ask for local business

Local businesses do have tasks that need extra hands to get it done. Ask and find out and complete the task for few bucks. Live a lasting impression so that the business owner runs back to you every time he needs extra hands.

7. Moonlighting

I personally don’t like this as I enjoy my lazy times. But a second or part time job can even bring you the extra pocket money you need. My brother in-law, Ken Keosai in Lae works two jobs. It’s demanding as I see but his family always has something to enjoy whilst others’ don’t and that makes all the difference.

8. Profitable hobbies

Are you good at making crafts or paintings? Make crafts or paintings and sell in local markets or best along the hotels, guest houses etc where tourists are most likely to buy in big amounts. A brother of mine, Mr. Albert Dubere is a success story behind Craft Markets amongst business houses and individuals in Lae. Albert makes and sells cane furniture’s and was able to pay off the all the University and technical school fees for all his children.


Advertise yourself in local shop centers notice boards, university and schools notice boards or newsletters, adverting sections in the popular daily papers such Post Courier, The National or Sunday Chronicles or massively popular site in Papua New Guinea, the so call Face book. Word of mouth even makes wonders so don’t forget to use your mouth as a free of charge advertising medium.

Before I end my discussion, I quote these famous lines from top world neurosurgeon of all time, Professor Benjamin Carson’s mum as saying

You can do it and only you can do it even better”.

Let's change one person at a time.

I wish you luck. 


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    • profile image

      Lapiu Kalai 

      9 months ago

      Thanks for the information. Cheers,

    • profile image

      George maluge 

      14 months ago

      preety good information for me, aiming to become millionaire one day

    • profile image


      18 months ago

      I have learnt something new today. Thank you so much.

    • profile image

      Mike Solo 

      23 months ago

      Very impressive.

    • profile image

      Esther Wamanimbo 

      2 years ago

      Thank you very informative will be using some of the ideas as my starting point too.

      Keep it up

    • profile image

      Jonah Pila 

      2 years ago

      Whaoooh.... awesome isn't it?

      I like this piece of information with its relevant articles.

      Am pretty sure it widens your narrow minds too!


    • Ian Dabasori Hetr profile imageAUTHOR

      Ian D Hetri 

      4 years ago from Papua New Guinea

      Appreciate your comment paiarais

    • paiarais profile image

      Emmanuel Marosi 

      5 years ago from Bogia

      A very good, informative and encouraging hub but what disturbs me is the title's relevance to the contents. I however, noticed that none of the content refers to earning an income online. Or if they do then maybe they are not clearly emphasized in this hub.

      Kind Regards


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