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Exabytes Web Hosting Malaysia - Honest Review

Updated on December 19, 2010

Exabytes Web Hosting

In this article, I’m going to review one of the best web hosting company currently available in Malaysia - Exabytes Web Hosting. As usual, I will keep everything simple and neat. So, do not worry if you’re not a technical person and you’ve never heard of magical terms like MySQL database, PHP and others. I will avoid using such specific terms to make sure you can follow up with what I’m going share here even if you have no prior experience in choosing a web hosting service provider.

In this article, I’ll first talk about the positive points of Exabytes web hosting. Then, I will share my points of view on some of the disadvantage in using their service. I believe it’s important to let you know both good side and the bad side of their hosting service, so that you can make informed decisions later.

So, let’s start with the positive points first!

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Reputation is not built in one day. Only consistently providing good services can result in good customer’s feedback, which helps to grow the company’s reputation. The only way to judge the reputation is to ask the question - What are the big and well known companies who are using Exabyte’s hosting services now?

These are some of the well-known websites/companies that have chosen Exabytes:

  1. 988 Radio Station - One of the most popular radio stations in Malaysia
  2. - One of the biggest forum in Malaysia
  3. Celebrity Fitness - One of the top leader in the fitness and gym industry in Malaysia
  4. Nuffnang Sdn Bhd - The Asia-Pacific's first and possibly biggest blog advertising company
  5. And also some famous universities such as: Limkokwing University of Creative Technology and SEGi University College

There are many other companies who have chosen to use Exabytes hosting services. I believe this is very convincing. It is safe to say that Exabytes has done a great job in building their company’s reputation. Also, many big companies are starting to switch to Exabytes and I believe we can definitely trust their services as well!


Exabytes offers great flexibility in terms of pricing. Furthermore, it’s cheap! They offer a range of hosting service to cater the needs from beginners to professionals. This is excellent news for us because we only have to pay for the price of a web hosting package that suit our needs.

The student, personal, and small business web hosting plans are all very affordable. I think the price they are offering is one of the cheapest you can find in Malaysia currently. Of course, if you are a big corporation or has a high-traffic website, and is looking for a high capacity web hosting plan, then you can check out their VPS, Semi Dedicated, and Dedicated Server offerings.


Exabytes' reputation is high mainly because they provide great technical support. They have 24X7 technical support and you can submit a ticket to them anytime you have any problem at all. They will reply to you promptly and help you to resolve any problem you are having. Great support in my opinion is the most important thing you should consider when you choose a hosting company.

What is not so good with Exabytes?

Since Exabytes is still fast expanding, I wouldn’t say it is already well-established. In Malaysia, it’s definitely one of the best options you can have. However, when it comes to the international stage, I think Exabytes still need to make a lot of improvement. They still need some time until they can grow big enough to provide excellent hosting services on the international level.

Furthermore, the free templates they provide to their client, in my point of view, are not very professional. Simply say, it’s not unique and does not look good at all. It’ time for them to improve the templates design, I suppose.

Is Exabytes recommended?

In conclusion, Exabytes is a company that has good reputation and they give great support to clients. Most importantly, they offer great flexibility in terms of pricing and this makes sure it suits everybody’s needs. It is excellent for you if you’re a beginner or a small business owner because you can start owning your website with little or no experience at all. If you built your website by using their interactive tutorials and something goes wrong, you do not have to worry much because you have chosen Exabytes - their great support will definitely help you to solve your problems.

With this, I would highly recommend Exabytes for their overall great ratings.


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    • profile image

      Adrian Lee 2 years ago

      This post was published in 2010 and in that time much have changed.

      These days, support is slow and hardly address the issues. In the last 3 years, many of my clients have had issue with them. Don't even bother using their Live Chat, the level tech support can't hep you with much.

      In comparison, Malaysian web hosting companies like ServerFreak does the job better. You get support no matter what time of the day or night you email them.

      Many times, when I asked them how to do some technical staff, they will reply back and said they have just completed it for me. You can't get better than that!

    • profile image

      Disappointed with Exabytes too 3 years ago

      I just came across this site by google-ing compensation from Exabytes.

      My site was down last two days during weekend. My site ranking went down very fast. I was informed that it was my site coding failure which was not true.

      How many of you having same issue? Is there any better way to contact right person to complain?

      I am very very disappointed with Exabytes too.

    • profile image

      F.Exabytes Malaysia 3 years ago

      I am using Exabytes Malaysia for 8 months now. And I am planning to get the hell out of Exabytes.

      My site was down whole last week. At the first Exabytes "SMART" Hosting Support Engineer informed me that the problem was due to my site code. Asked me to revert back to my web developer. But there was no issue on my coding at all.

      After 5 days of endless email conversations with 9, yes NINE Hosting Support Engineers, it was not my coding problem but their server had an issue.

      I requested for a compensation or at least pay my unnecessary bill to my developer's consultation which caused by their Hosing Support Engineers misguidance. But now they stopped answer my email.

      Exabytes Malaysia is providing the worst customer service ever.

    • profile image

      Sastified User 3 years ago

      I've used Exabytes for many years now and their services are ok. If there's any problems, they always compensate us unlike most web hosting providers.

    • profile image

      Exabyte user 3 years ago

      I am using Exabytes for few years. However , now i am moving to overseas hosting. It is because my website is down for the past year and i was not really aware it is the server problem. I run a shopping business and the payment system occasionally broke down for the past year. I feedback to exabytes and they never admit their problem from beginning till the end. Worse is they do not really pay attention to fix the problem. The first level support is trained like a robot and do not really meant for solving problem and second level do not really care your problem is fixed or not. I gathered all the my Exabytes server downtime prove for past month then i straight away go for other hosting. Well, if you ask me why don't look for other local hosting. i can tell you, all hosting in malaysia is a bit cheating in terms of IT and marketing .When you are really doing a serious business and this kind of hosting will ruin your business down.

    • profile image

      yc 3 years ago

      Still depend on ur luck though, we have using it for 1 year+. Problem come and go. No SLA for their service, and they remove the office number from website.

      another thing, they don't have a fail safe plan. Anything happen to ur server is always depend to god act.

    • profile image

      haha 4 years ago

      hahahah honest review with coupon ... how far can it go ?

    • profile image

      Amanda Lim 6 years ago

      Exabytes is very aggressive in Malaysia. I saw their ads in the local newspapers almost every week. I believe they are the biggest hosting company in Malaysia.