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Is It Possible To Get Great Customer Service And Teamwork From A Teenager?

Updated on January 18, 2013

Rocking Service

  • Is now it sounds too good to be true, but I actually witnessed not one but two teenaged girls providing excellent service and working together cohesively as a team while waiting to be served and during my transaction. I was late getting home from shopping so I decided to stop at one of four local Subway shops to get dinner for my family. The one I chose to go to is okay service wise, they kind of skimp on the toppings when I order through the drive through window, so I went inside to order my dinner. While I was there, I watched as two young girls were frantically working to keep up with the drive-thru window and the dining room customers. They were doing fairly well working together and getting their orders filled.

  • When it was my turn to order, I made my selections and watched as the young lady filled my order. About halfway through my order completion the girl that was making my sandwiches had to trade places with the girl running the cash register. When she came to the counter, she recited what I had asked to be put on the remaining two sandwiches that needed to be completed. I was surprised that she was not only paying attention to what was going on around her, but she completed the order without missing a beat between wrapping the sandwiches, bagging them and ringing up the entire order correctly without having to ask me what I had ordered. Very impressive young lady. I could not help but to tell her how impressed I was with her and her co-worker, I left them a tip. In the town we live in, fast food restaurants rarely show such excellent service provision and the team work these two young ladies displayed while working their shift. Great job to them.


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