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Exit Splash - What Exactly Is It?

Updated on July 12, 2010

Exit Splash - What Exactly Is It?

What is Exit Splash? At its core, Exit Splash is a script. Using this script on your website will help you achieve more exposure per visitor. What is the method of doing this? If you have installed the script on your site, it will help you sell to your visitors by providing them with a new opportunity when they try to leave your site. The new opportunity could be an opt in opportunity, a discounted opportunity or an entirely new sales opportunity. It's up to you as to what choices are presented. You decide which type of page you want the visitors sent to.

Many people view Exit Splash as a tool that helps keep the viewer on your site. You can direct people to a second site of your's, or to anywhere else. Of course they can go anywhere they choose, but you're giving that person several opportunities to stay within your circle of business sites. You have the ability and opportunity to take a surfer who popped in, and make a customer out of him. If your visitor elects to remain with you, and joins your list somewhere in your funnel, then obviously your odds of making a sale increase quite a bit. A lot of marketers can get jittery when it comes to apps and scripts, but no need to feel that way with this one. You can builld your own pages, or choose from a set of templates that are included with the product. Simply put your message into one of the ready made templates and then install the script on to an existing website. The script does all your work for you because it creates multiple opportunities to grab an optin that otherwise would be lost forever, and if you redirect to another site of yours, you get more chances.

Imagine, one visitor can be exposed to multiple marketing messages from you. The beauty of online marketing is that you can test, and that's really what you should do with a system like this. You'll have the flexibility to test with popups, additional sites, or windows, etc. So, everyone has choices and no one is forced to do anything. So, offering those choices can make a difference for you.

As you've read, Exit Splash offers many compelling reasons to use it, the best one of course is that it works. Actually, a lot of marketers don't care of popups, but they use them; and they use them because they still work. Exit Splash will let you put your messages and sites in front of visitors multiple times, so it's statistically correct to assume it will help you. It can also help you build your opt-in and subscriber lists!


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