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Top Expense Management/ tracking apps for small businesses

Updated on June 1, 2016

If you are a part of any business or running one by your own, it is natural that you would have some expenses. It is also an obvious thing for you to keep an eye on those business-related expenses. Regular auditing of expenses and invigilating them in a well-framed manner is a daunting task and generally most of the people find it quite monotonous and cumbersome to do. As a result of this apathy, businesses tend to weaken their economic fabric and therefore the expenses increase manifold.

Businesses are thus recommended to strictly observe their expenses both manually as well as via some expense tracking tools for managing the monitoring task. However, if the observation of expenses is carried manually and not with the help of tracking tools, then a lot of time is consumed, which otherwise would have been used in some other useful activities.

There are a number of online tools for tracking the expenses. These tools ease the entire tedious task of expense monitoring and save your time, which you can utilize in accomplishing other business related activities of paramount significance.

Following are some online business expense tracking tools:


FreshBooks is a cloud-based expense tracking accounting solution, especially matching up with the needs of small size businesses. It is generally known for its simplicity and works rapidly, thereby rendering accounting and expense tracking tasks very smooth. Billing with the help of this software becomes much more user-friendly. It has therefore earned the name of a dexterous and most efficient time saver application.


Billster is an online expense tracking solution that has been carved to let people organize their personal and group expenses. It is an absolutely free to download app which helps in reporting and recording your personal and shared expenses. Besides this, Billster helps in storing the records of recurring expenses including direct debits and orders in queues.

This app automatically mails you a brief synopsis of expenses that you reveal to it. The best part of this app is that it automatically reminds you to clear your due debts and also let others pay you back if any amount is pending on them



Invoicera is one of the most famous online expense tracking software. Every business wishes to possess this software in order to manage online invoicing and billings. With the help of Invoicera, businesses can briefly monitor their project expenses.

This software has various other features such as regularly repeated invoices, numerous payment channels, late fee submission system, tracking system for finding out the project completion time, and more.


LessAccounting is an accounting solution especially customized for the needs of small businesses. With the help of this application, businesses can easily track their expenses in a very skillful manner.

This expense monitoring tool helps in presenting schemes and invoices, and also helps in tracking down expenses. Besides this, LessAccounting comes with iPhone applications and other prominent business applications.



BillMonk is an online web-based application which helps you in settling down all liable and pending expenses among your business clients with great ease and convenience. This expense tracking system is quite easy to install right away from the Internet, and equally easy to work on.


BudgetTracker is personal finance software that comes for free. With this app, whether you perform any bank-related task, or any credit card related activity, or even brokerage activity, you can view your entire account balance in one place and in a systematized manner.

BudgetTracker helps you in evaluating the interest rates on different accounts and also tracks your credit card’s outstanding balances. Best feature of this app is that it automatically reminds you if any bill is due on you.


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