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Exports promotional measures

Updated on September 21, 2013
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Mahipat Singh is associated with Exports, e-Commerce, Digital Marketing & Trade Promotions, Business Science Research and Development.

India to export subsidies and duty concessions, export finance, export insurance and guarantee is indirect subsidies, including export promotion and marketing support, depending on a wide range.

Plans a variety of inputs and capital goods imported or exported at the discounted fee rates or free of charge to allow the use. The objective behind these plans partly pro-import bias of existing trade regime. Typically, export performance requirements, such duty concessions apply. Schemes, duty drawback, duty entitlement passbook Advance Licence Scheme, exporters plan, including diamond gem and jewelry export promotion scheme.

Interest rates below commercial banks provide export financing. For this purpose, annual loan rates are set by the Reserve Bank. Banks as their export credit for a minimum of 12% of net credit extension is required. Government for this purpose gives banks a subsidy.

Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Limited (ECGC), fully owned by government, political or commercial reasons exporters export earnings due to a range of insurance cover against non-recovery provides. It also guarantees to financial institutions for credit facilities to exporters on liberal basis to offer the facility. Premiums are charged according to the country of export, the government export promotion and marketing support to facilitate even greater emphasis on returns. There are 15 comprehensive plans in operation for this purpose. India Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO) promotes export and import and upgrade technology helps. Helps to develop new products and corporate development functions and export. Indian Institute of packaging for the packaging industry and undertakes research in raw materials, packaging helps companies to improve standards. Finally, the Government seven Export Processing (EPZs) areas established to promote exports. One hundred percent export (EOU) is meant to complement EPZ units, can be installed outside the area. Software industry to promote exports, seven Software Technology (STP) Park and an electronic hardware technology park (EHTPs) plans are in existence.

EPZ factory sheds, roads, electricity, water supply and drainage for the construction of infrastructure as developed countries, are provided. A wide range of benefits EPZ, EOU STP, and has grown to EHTPs. EOU / EPZ units under the scheme domestic supplies, capital goods at zero duty on import on deferred payment of customs duty, excise duty exemption to allow the first eight years of a bond and a block of five-year corporate tax for the period production during the holidays. EHTPs the STP and all imports, 100 percent foreign participation.


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      Mahipat Singh 4 years ago from New Delhi

      Thanks to read and your feedback of my posted Hub content.

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      Willaim John 7 years ago

      Excellent information to export import business.