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Updated on June 19, 2013


Fast cash is good and keeps the life of the business by having cash at all times coming into the business.Bills get paid and profits are realized giving a positive indication that the business is booming.

The thing with fast cash ventures is that they never seem to last.The product that is put out to the market looses preference so quickly, it maybe due to the fact that fast cash products don't require a lot of resources to market and or customer management involvement.This means customer loyalty is non existence and to actually build a brand is difficult. When it comes to fast cash business ventures what actually sells a product or service is its reputation or the reputation of the creator or even the marketers' reputation.Though with the lack of consideration of the clients interest most prospective buyers are lost. The lack of investment on customer feedback also means that there will reach a time that the product or service are ignored.

There is also the problem of transparency with fast cash which is less experienced in long term businesses.Long term business will keep up to date fraud prevention systems and also sales tracking systems which help in monitoring traffic conversions.

Fast cash products need a big name behind it either a well known marketer or well known product, thus not advisable for new entry products or rookie marketers.Fast cash businesses are good for affiliates as they will market products depending on the commission size and how fast the product is moving.Fast cash products rarely invest in research and training.

A long term approach is usually expressed in setting up a strong customer satisfaction level with adequate infrastructure for deliver of the same.Most business looking to create a long standing relationship with their customers would try to engage their customers to get feedback on their products and services.The business will have a customer department to back the sales team dedicated to ensure any problems are immediately solved when they arise.This in turn is costly and the benefits are enjoyed after a long period of time.

Affiliates also like to sell products from business that have been existing for a long time. The longer the business has been existence is a plus on its own. Due to the other costs the long term businesses are facing the expected high commissions might not be what the business is willing to pay out.Therefore it is essential for these business think of other ways to make their products and services attractive to affiliates.

Long term business will invest in something like having a good website, when prospects land on the website they gain interest and are likely to buy. The strategically placed landing page makes it easier for the prospective customer to find what they want. A lot of resources are put in long term business strategies that ensure once a prospect gets on the website they are intrigued to try the products or services provided. When it comes to capturing the interest of the clients long term business approach is obviously the best solution.


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