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Face Painting Materials and Supplies

Updated on October 15, 2010

Thinking about starting a face painting business? During the warmer months when there are many fairs and functions that draw in crowds of young people, face painting can be a lucrative business. Getting started is the hardest part of a new business, even one as fun and rewarding as this. Investing in a party business type, getting the face painting supplies, it does not have to be complicated.

Like with any small business, most started with limited funding. The benefit of a face painting business model is It does not require a person to invest a large amount of capital initially. With just a couple hundred dollars, you can have everything you need to get started drawing pictures of childrens faces and lighting up their smiles.

A face painting business is rewarding and fun
A face painting business is rewarding and fun

Face Painting Business

If the desired business falls on the face painting business, it is important to have specific knowledge regarding the trade. When putting up a business, it is essential to know everything about the operation, whether it be a skill that needs to be learned such as taking painting class or the actual labor processes. Since it is you who are to manage the craft, you can show your devotion and creativity. Your customers will recognize the sincerity and passion put on the job. This will earn you the reputation required to have a successful business in the long run drawing in more customers from call backs and referrals.

Research, Price Check, Then Buy Affordable Quality

When considering starting a face painting company, research the appropriate equipment face painting kits and supplies needed to conduct the business. Invest on the face painting materials that are within the budget. There are stores that offer low prices for same quality as those of the branded one. Don't impulse buy your tools and supplies. Don't skimp out on quality for price either. Compare prices first before deciding on buying the product, but look for quality over savings.

In every business, it is important to have sufficient money to cover all expenses necessary to start a business. Canvass for the materials and equipment required and the appropriate budget should be determined before even starting to buy what is needed. It does not need to be big, as small business only requires the initial materials needed. The money will flow through as the business progresses.

In starting a small business, advertising does not have to be extravagant. Word of mouth is still an effective advertising strategy. Big companies still uses this kind of strategy to manipulate the curiosity of the target market.

Face Painting Supplies

  • Quality Face Painting Paint Kit such as Snazaroo's Large Kit
  • Brush set of varying brush sizes
  • Paper towels and water cups for cleaning brushes
  • Example book of images and designs that guests can choose from
  • Table and possibly umbrella or canopy to cover for shade from the sun.

 A Face painting business really is a fun way of making a profit and can be rewarding and fun. Face painting is popular during occasions that involves kids or activities that draw out the kid in you. The popularity of this business depends on the reputation you gain from previous patrons. You can start out by volunteering to be a face painter in a children’s party of a friend or relative. If the patrons like your work, they can easily contact you in parties that require your expertise. As long as there are kids, you will never run out of business.

The skill needed for this kind of business does not require complicated designs. Since face painting will last until the patron chooses to wash it off, the designs should be simple yet fun and attractive. It can be as simple as stars, butterflies, flowers or patterns that is colorful and funky.

To begin with this business, one needs to have different sizes of brushes, an assortment of paints and a container for water. You will also need other face paint supplies such as mirrors and sponges. It is also recommended to have wet towels or tissue, a table and a couple of chairs. To make your designs more attractive, acrylic paints, glitters and body art are a nice addition to your face painting kits. This face painting supplies are enough to earn you a few bucks. Make sure that these equipments are handy and easy to set up so it would not be hard for you settle during events.


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    • lpanfil profile image

      lpanfil 6 years ago from Cleveland, Ohio

      I miss face painting at my daughter's school. There wasn't an event they didn't ask me to pait at. Sadly, a teenager now. The only paint she wants on her face is blush. Nice Hub.