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Facebook Deals & Online Deals

Updated on December 8, 2012

Facebook Offers

As you are probably already familiar with when seeing Groupon ads, they offer a city deal by locating where it is that you are surfing from, Facebook deals are now available through Facebook places on smartphones because they enable brands to direct offers to users who login using the mobile version of the social network.

I haven't actually witnessed the Facebook offers myself because I tend to find out about a lot these things through researching internet magazines but I have seen Google ads on the android app market when using my Samsung Galaxy.

Of course I have talked about Foursquare in my other articles but it is obvious Facebook is going to set the pace of location based advertising because it has almost a hundred times more members.

Facebook Deal

Above we can see a Facebook deal that offers a discount or voucher for Yoga lessons in the persons immediate area, although Facebook can boast huge market penetration already I know from experience with Facebook ads that their prices are rather high for PPC so I do believe other services will still be able to compete for smaller brands.

Photo courtesy of lululemonathletica

Social Deals

In the close up image of the Yoga voucher it shows that you must display the Facebook offer to the tutor of the class before you can receive your free class, the good thing about Foursquare is that people using their service are already accustomed to checking in at venues to receive rewards such as badges whereas Facebook users will take a bit of time to get used to it.

Although it will take a little time for members of the social network giant to take advantages of these social deals, I believe they will come out top of the 3 major players by the end of 2011 and Google is the 3rd competitor which I will continue to discuss below.

Photo courtesy of lululemonathletica

This is the deal appearing on Foursquare
This is the deal appearing on Foursquare

Hot Deals

Once again we see the next step in claiming your yoga classes above, there are also mates bargains that are applicable when 2 friends check-in together.

Google has announced an upgrade to its Latitude platform and many believe this update has come too late, however I take the perspective that since Google has its own range of smartphones which is integrated into Samsung Galaxy's and Nexus models therefore they will own a larger percentage of the top deals market than is expected.

Photo courtesy of lululemonathletica


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