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What Employers Look For on Your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Pages

Updated on March 31, 2015
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Lady Rain works as a daytime stock trader and writes about crafts and hobbies. She likes travelling and making papercraft models.


Companies and businesses are not just turning to top social networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook to find new employees, they are also looking out for negative findings about their job candidates' activities. These employers are most likely to check out potential employees' Facebook profiles, personal information, photos and postings.

If you are job-hunting, it is important to tidy up whatever social media profiles you have. You might want to double check your own profile information and social media pages before going for any interviews. Some employers want to look at the candidate's social media pages, and then they would eliminate all the candidates who do not meet their job criteria before making their final decision on hiring the right person.

Facebook is the number one social networking site that most employer will look into because Facebook has a large user base. Many companies are also using Facebook to reach out to business partners and clients. The employees are added to the company's Facebook page for ease of communication with other businesses. At the same time, employers are also monitoring their employees' social media activities. The other popular social networking sites include Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn. LinkedIn is mainly targeted for professionals and businesses.

These are the top 5 things employers would look for when they view your social media pages:

  • Provocative photos

Having inappropriate photos on your profile can cost you your job. Not only do employers check your lifestyle, they are interested in the kind of photos you have posted online. The biggest factor contributing to a candidate not getting a job is when employers find provocative photos on the candidate's social media pages. If your profile pictures on Facebook or Twitter look inappropriate, your application for that top job will most likely end up in the trash.

  • Alcoholism abuse and drug use

Some companies are screening their employees for alcoholism addiction and drug use. In the process of hiring potential employees, they can also screen the job candidates for alcohol and drug use. A candidate who is tagged in a picture showing alcohol, illegal substances and dangerous activities can jeopardize any chances of getting hired and the picture could be used as evidence against them.

  • Bad-mouthing and racist remarks

It is not uncommon for employees to get fired for bad-mouthing their employers regardless of how bad these employees claimed their work situations were. If the employer finds out their potential employee has been bad-mouthing their previous employers and colleagues, that evidence will be enough for employers to reject a job application. Same goes for any racist and discriminatory remarks made by the job applicant.

  • Poor communication skills

It is a fact that most companies generally look for candidates with a display of good communication skills and is well-rounded. Candidates with good communication skills, both oral and written are preferred over those with poor communication skills. Employers can draw conclusions regarding the candidate's command of language after reading those online pages.

  • Fake qualifications

All social networking sites allow users to display their personal details and brag about their qualifications and work experiences on their profiles. Employers can use all these information they find online and compare them with the information they already have on the job applicant's resume. Any discrepancies found will be a strong basis for not hiring the person.

What you can do if you do not want your social media pages to be viewed

Facebook, Twitter and most social media accounts are set to public by default when you first sign up, but they allow you to change your account settings to private. When the accounts are set to private, only your friends and/or followers will be able to view your information and activities.

What you can do to make sure your social media pages are viewed positively by employers

Tidy up your profiles on your social media accounts. Clean up any posts or photos which are inappropriate or which most employers might not like to see. Update your information page with positive information like previous and current employment, education, achievements, charitable activities and other positive information that might be relevant to securing your next job.

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