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Facebook Fears Google

Updated on May 13, 2011

Smear Campaign Unconvered

It has surged around the social webs faster than a speeding bullet and landed with a 'kirplunk' in the water cooler where everyone can see it.

Facebook Caught In a Google Smear Campaign

Or various other haughty titles. Still, the information is just about the same. It appears that Faceook hired Burson-Marsteller - a top PR man with no scrupples - to get out there and rub googles nose in it's own do-do.

So that lawless PR man set out to complete his task, and it appears he's not as smart as he is dirty, because he pitched his campaign to a naughty blogger who decided to turn him down and then publish their email conversations on the web for the whole world to see.


touche! | Source

Facebook Admits It

I really have to give them credit. Just about every big company around these days, has taken part in similar smear campaigns against their rivals, and sometimes they'll do it just to stomp out any little people who could possible take them out down the road. It's not cool, but it happens. What I have to give Facebook credit for - is that they admitted to what they had done.

Basically, they said "Yup. We did this and We aren't sorry."

Though I'd imagine they are sorry they hired the wrong PR guy....

It's not that the world shouldn't be aware of what Facebook is doing, but I am sure they would have rather kept Google in the dark about their altruistic-competition stomping plan. Instead, they got a PR "expert" who couldn't tell he was pitching to a blogger who would rather do this...

Facebook publicly declared that they started the smear campaign, because they truly feel that the public should be aware of what Google is doing. They feel that google is stepping over the limits, not just bending the rules - as many businesses do. So they set out to make sure that the news circulated everywhere. They also admitted that it didn't hurt to keep the competition down, as google is clearly using Facebook as their main place to gather peoples information. Hey, at least they were honest.

Is it really so unexpected?

Was it really so unexpected that Facebook would do such a thing? I mean, even though they really have nothing to fear from google (that we know about), google is one of their top rivals.

The suprising part, is who they decided to hire for a top blogger. I expected the worlds top geeks to be ruthless, but making dumb choices wasn't something I saw coming. What's up with that facebook?

The sad truth...

Is that it is no surprise that Google has unrolled Social Circle, ignored the FDC and violated about at least a thousand laws and moral issues.

It should have become apparent that google rose about the law when they made deals with the federal government to share data. The government said it was about stopping the war on terror and google kind of just shrugged. While there may be such fringe benefits as stopping bad guys, it's more likely that Big Brother just wanted to be able to control as much information as it could. Google makes that happen.

So regardless of Facebooks campaign, Google will probably continue to do what it does best - gather information about people and post it publicly in one form or another. This way it can get everyone's info and actions out into the public - where it's legal for the gov to spy on them - and then google takes the fall every time.

Sadly, not many are aware of this and even when the world is aware of it, it will still take a hell of a lot of work to figure out who is really running things in Big Brother industry. Then the real challenge - how to stop them - begins....


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