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Facebook Groups and Pages For Business

Updated on March 19, 2015

A 2015 Update To Share With You

Facebook Pages

Yes! Facebook holds the key to online success. Yes! Facebook Pages can be treated as if they are a website. Likes continue to rise and the more Likes a Page receives the more activity will take place on the Page. The higher the number of Likes a Page receives, does help the Page receive a higher search engine rank/position. Received Likes, Followers Liking and Sharing a Facebook Page's posts tells a search engine that a Facebook Page is popular and in demand. So it is simple. The more people you get to Like your Page will help your posts reach more people WHICH MEANS more people will actually see your Page's posts.

Maybe many of you already know the valuable information I share but for the people who have not experienced the success of using Facebook Pages, explaining what happens when it happens can only help a person understand. I did not truly understand until I noticed my Page's posts started to reach forty, fifty and sixty people. When the numbers of Likes increased in to the high hundreds, I noticed my posts reaching more people faster. I enjoy posting to my Facebook Pages because I know I built an online audience who is interested with what I have to post/share.

Social Networks Internet Market Online

A 2015 Update About Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups hold a lot of BANG!

Yes! I run one Facebook Group. It took a couple of years to make it into a common place for creative people. Content writers, video developers, photographers and the like visit weekly and some sign in daily. My Online Article Writers Group to date has 2,361 members and I'd say about 50% of the members are active. From my experience the 50% is not a bad percentage.

A word of advice when opening Facebook Pages and Groups. I've noticed many people opening up so many Pages and Groups that the creators of the Pages and Groups are barely active in their own Pages or Groups. It is a time consuming task to stay active in a lot of Pages and Groups. It can become a part-time job.

When I decided to open a Facebook Group, I planned to open one and stay active in it. I take the time to review what is posted, give Likes and Share my members posts. You learn a lot by reading what others write about. If members don't follow the rules I delete and block forever. I don't have time to warn people anymore. I post the rules at the very top. If someone does not follow I simply remove.

I run three Facebook Pages and I use them all weekly to post updates. Of course LotOfCouponsDotCom Facebook Page is my baby and I use this page the most but my other two Pages do receive weekly attention.

Just like with anything online, it takes long term dedication to build up an audience and when the audience stays faithful, they all deserve attention with Likes and Shares.

Create A Free Share Banner To Go VIRAL


Share To Support - Words To Help Go VIRAL


The Facebook Share Button Update - Free Advertising Technique

As an Internet Marketer I'm always looking for free ways to advertise online to help my articles, blogs and websites VIRAL. Any idea I can come up with to help direct traffic my way without having to pay for online advertising, I feel is one of the top challenges of a growing Webmaster.

I continue to build a successful Internet Business with the premise of people helping people and I came up with a brilliant idea that cost nothing and only task about 20-minutes to set up for Webmasters to help each other go VIRAL to expand online visibility the free way.

To your right are two banners advertising two websites I created. I decided to create the banners for the purpose of posting it to my Timeline and Page. I created the banners using a free image creator, saved it to my computer then uploaded it to my Facebook. In the first 48-hours a few people clicked the "Share" button to help support my websites. That is Awesome. I look forward to seeing how much free advertising I will receive over time. Eventually the two banners will go VIRAL on their own.

If you're a growing Webmaster and want to learn how to create free banners to help your blog or website go VIRAL, I recorded a video to show how to create a banner for free. All you have to do is like my FreeWriteRevenueStreams Facebook Page by Clicking Here, browse to find my posted banners, click the "Share" button to help my banners go VIRAL, send me a message through Facebook or through Hubpages with your email address and I will add your email address to the "Privacy Settings" for you to have access to the Youtube video I have set to Private. You watch it, create a banner of your own, post it to my Online Article Writers Facebook Page and I click the "Share" button to help your banners go VIRAL. People helping people and it's FREE.

I decided to keep the Youtube video private because I only want to help people who are willing to help me. I practice dozens of free Internet Marketing techniques and feel this is the best idea I've had in a long time and feel it should be shared with like-minded Webmasters who understand the importance of websites and blogs going VIRAL all on their own. If you request access to the private Youtube video you will never be asked to pay out-of-pocket. This is not a technique to hook you into a scheme or scam. I take a lot of pride sharing with people how I built a successful Internet Business using free resources available on the web.

If you have a Google + account and you send me a request to follow me, I'll place you in my Online Article Writers Circle for you to have access to the Youtube video. My name is Michelle Cesare and if you CLICK HERE you should be brought to my Google +.

Do You Feel The Go VIRAL Internet Marketing Idea Is A Good Idea?

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October 2012 Facebook Group & Page Update

1ST UP - Facebook Groups

I felt giving this article an update would be helpful to someone who has never considered taking the time to create at least one solid Facebook Group. I suggest creating a Facebook Group because it does help you make connections with like-minded people who do become active members.

I've made dozens of solid online connections with people who do exactly what I do online because I created a Facebook Group. I added an icon to my websites and blogs that lead visitors to join my Facebook Group and doing so has helped me recruit new active members. Members of my Facebook Group ask questions, post suggestions, tips and post their URLs so other members can visit their articles, blogs, websites and videos. We all help each other GO VIRAL because we Tweet, Facebook Like, Pin It or Google +1. Because we all have the same goal we understand the importance of going VIRAL. Going VIRAL does help our bottom line. As of October 2012, I have 48 members and most are active.

2ND UP - Facebook Pages

OK, creating a Facebook Page does help direct traffic to my Facebook Group, websites, blogs, articles and videos but most people who click the "Like" button only do that. My Facebook Page does not have a lot of activity. I don't notice any people posting or sharing on my Facebook Page. Only a handful of people who "Liked" my Facebook Page are the handful of people who joined my Facebook Group and are active within the Group.

It does take time to learn what works, but if I did not try I would had never found out what worked best. Facebook Groups in my opinion is a powerful free advertising tool to help recruit and make online connections with like-minded people. Facebook Pages I feel are similar to being a doorway page. People come across it, browse around and if they like it they click the "Like" button but that does not mean they will be back. You want to attract active members not fly-by-night visitors.

As of October 2012 my Facebook Page has 49 Likes.

Occasionally I'll post updates about how I continue to use Facebook as a form a free advertising.

Attract Attraction

A website's DAILY ACTIVITY can make or break the success of a website. When a website receives daily traffic of visitors who perform a task, that is when the website administrators know that their website's concept is something that the public needs or wants. If you had a place on the web that people visited daily, wouldn't you be happy? Of course you would. Owning a website is not needed to achieve online success. There are many different kinds of free platforms people use to build a following, subscribers or members.

The majority of the population has heard of or uses Facebook daily. It's a wonderful free Social Networking platform but what many Facebook users don't realize is Facebook can be used as a form of Internet Marketing. There are two features Facebook has available for free. The Facebook Group and the Facebook Page. If you can build up daily users to at least one of the Facebook features, you have created a place on the web that people need or want.

If you have experience using Facebook Groups and Pages, you might be laughing at the topic of this article BUT in this article I explain how Facebook Groups and Pages help me keep my Internet Business separated from my personal Facebook account without me losing the opportunity of creating a hot spot on the web where my subscribed members visit daily to read, like, share, comment, post, ask questions and answer questions. My Facebook Group now receives daily visitors that are active members. Active members increases traffic to my articles, blogs, websites and Youtube Channels and help my bottom line of earning daily revenue.

How To Create A Facebook Group

Facebook Groups Attract

In the beginning of 2012 I created a Facebook Group. I was not exactly sure what to do with it but I figured if I at least tried to move forward that it would lead me in the right direction. I'm so glad I did. In the beginning people did not ask to join my Online Article Writers Facebook Group and I had to promote it online wherever and whenever I felt fit but over time it gradually built up popularity and now I have at least one person a week requesting to join my Online Article Writers Facebook Group. A person a week might not sound like a lot but it is a lot especially when that new member becomes a daily or weekly active member. I want to attract active members who contribute to the success of my Facebook Group.

Tips To Attract New Members

  • Add a direct link to your Facebook Group on all of profiles you have floating throughout the web.
  • Add an Facebook icon to your blogs and websites.
  • Promote through your Youtube Channels.
  • Promote it on your Facebook Timeline. You never know who might join.
  • Promote posting Tweets.
  • Promote it at LinkedIn.
  • Join other like-minded Facebook Groups - Active Facebook Group members do help each other - That's the point.
  • Record Youtube videos to advertise your Facebook Group.
  • Free Email Marketing.
  • Take the time to visit, read, comment, like and share members posts. Members visit my Facebook Group to post their latest articles, blogs, websites, videos or when they update content because they know I will eventually view their work and pass it along. My job is to help my members articles, blogs, websites and videos go viral. I set the example and my members follow lead. It's a winning combination that is working for all not just for me.

I'm sure there are dozens of other free resources and methods used to help attract new members but the list above are the free ways and resources I use to build up and keep my Facebook Group alive and growing.

How To Create A Facebook Page

Facebook Pages Help Too

About the same time I created my Facebook Group I created a Facebook Page. Again, I was not sure where it was going to lead me but I needed to go through the motions to learn how a Facebook Page would help me succeed online.

My Facebook Page is titled FreeWriteRevenueStreams. This Facebook Page helps me direct new members to my Facebook Group and to all my articles, blogs, websites and Youtube Channels. Wow! Another great freebie and it does not interfere with my personal Facebook account.

Here is another example of the power a Facebook Group and Page holds. I just went to copy and paste the URL to my Facebook Page to create the live link above and a Dale Kathryn Groove just clicked the FreeWriteRevenueStreams Like button. When I'm finished writing this article I'm heading over to my Facebook Page to thank her for liking the FreeWriteRevnueStreams Facebook Page and introduce her to my Facebook Group. If she likes my Facebook Page then the chances of her joining my Facebook Group are positive.

Whenever I write a new article, blog, update my website or record a new video, I post it on my Facebook Group and Page because I know the members will eventually like, comment or share it and that helps my articles, blogs, websites and videos go viral faster. Awesome it is.

I sat down to write this article for two main reasons. The first reason is I felt the topic would be of interest to others who want to learn how Facebook Groups and Pages can help an online or offline business succeed advertising for free. The second reason is because I want more people to join my Facebook Group and Like my Facebook Page AND for me to join other Facebook Groups and to Like other Facebook Pages. I felt this would be a good way to help myself connect with more like-minded people who want to help each other succeed.

Are You An Active Member Of A Facebook Group or Groups?

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    • mailxpress profile image

      Michelle Cesare 5 years ago from New York

      Thanks teaches12345

      If you ever create a FB Group or Page please post it here. I would be more than happy to join in your FB Group or Page conversation.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

      Interesting post and so helpful in understanding the benefits of using facebook for business.

    • Lipnancy profile image

      Nancy Yager 5 years ago from Hamburg, New York

      I once had a Facebook group and it was a wonderful way to advertise my affiliates.

    • mailxpress profile image

      Michelle Cesare 5 years ago from New York

      Visit the Facebook Page Titled -

      LotOfCouponsDotCom to stay updated daily.

      Learn to save money and time.