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Facebook: How have reacted to news brands reactions?

Updated on April 5, 2016

Facebook: How have reacted to news brands reactions?

You may have noticed, Facebook constantly offers new features to its users. The latest, emoticons "reactions" have stimulated the creativity of brands! To surf the event of these new emotions and encourage their community to respond positively (especially with the button "I love"), Chevrolet, Netflix, Ben & Jerry's, Redbull or Bioderma quickly adapted their editorial line.

The famous commercial for Chevrolet

Just released, the buttons reactions challenge the creativity of Chevrolet, which is also the first brand to act with a very explicit advertising.

It encourages the members of his community to "love" his new range of cars, rather than just "liker". The idea is to remove the habit of users click on the thumb to make them interact with the heart, much more positive.

To do this, she adopts a fun and playful spot. This clearly explains the arrival of these new emoji and how to activate the remaining pressed the "Like".

To each his own interpretation Netflix

After Chevrolet, other brands have also decided to express what they think of these reactions buttons.

This is particularly the case of Netflix service that interprets emoji in his way. Obviously, the company correlates this novelty with its own benefits and then transforms the reactions in viewers. They show the different emotions that pass through the Internet when looking at the new season of their favorite show.

A great way to remind us that Netflix is ​​providing emotions, thanks to thrilling TV series!

Better account management for Société Générale

Société Générale chooses the same principle as Netflix. It uses the emotions conveyed by the smileys to challenge his community about its handling of his bank account.

Obviously, a user "bad" manager begin the month delighted to finish crying face uncovered. So, Société Générale want to remind it offers a mobile application to help customers better manage their money.

Or how to transform the buzz of new reactions advertising campaign!

The game Redbull

Still very creative on social networks, Redbull could not miss this new feature! The energy drink was so inspired by the famous game "I love you: a little, a lot, passionately, madly or not at all" to create a dynamic video that showcases the emoji.

This is an opportunity to build commitment to the community, so that it indicates the degree of love for the brand.

The satisfaction indicator for Ben & Jerry's and Bioderma

How do you like our product? Ben & Jerry's and Bioderma have each transformed the barometer emoticons.

This method has several advantages. First, this tactic can inform the community about the arrival of new reactions. Then the brand motivates them to become familiar with these smileys to encourage users to best express their feelings in future publications. Which will allow for more accurate feedback on the assessment of their products .

Finally, this barometer is particularly effective in building commitment on this post . The proof: Ben & Jerry's post has more than 2000 responses, 96 shares and 58 comments. As for the publication of Bioderma, she obtained 2,200 responses, 36 shares and 120 comments.

Reactions Suicide Squad Warner Bros.

Always with a view to surf on a subject that buzz, Warner Bros downright offers its community's own reactions. In order to advertise one of its next blockbuster, the company transforms emoticons character Suicide Squad.

One way to subtly remind the upcoming release of the film, the tone of humor and current events. A successful challenge since the 1500 post account reactions.

The new buttons Reactions Facebook clearly inspired brands. Each has interpreted it in his own way, to derive maximum benefits. Chevrolet and encourages the community to worship their new cars, while Société Générale took the opportunity to advertise its application. Netflix, Ben & Jerry's, Redbull and Bioderma rely on customer interaction, while Warner Bros is the teasing ...

Anyway, this new feature improves the user experience and facilitates the analysis of the editorial line, through a range of emotions ... more developed and therefore more accurate. Brands can better measure the impact of their publications and optimize their social media strategy!



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