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Facebook is Powerful Enough To Influence Television Commercials - Why You Should Care

Updated on May 14, 2011

TV commercials have changed in the last year and are now promoting Facebook pages instead of the traditional advertising of a company's website.

Since 1996, we were telling people to visit our website. “Visit Our Website” has become “Like Our Facebook page” and maybe even "Follow us on Twitter". While most advertisers display their Twitter icons, they actually publish their Facebook page URLs. Television commercials are no longer listing a company's website address and instead have their Facebook page URL.

For this reason, it is in my own opinion that Facebook has a huge impact on corporations like Toyota, Chiles, and Dunkin Donuts.

Now, why is that happening? My guess is that since Facebook has 500 million members worldwide, major corporations believe that they can leverage the Facebook traffic. That makes sense in general, but from a social media marketing point of view, it violates the basic marketing principle of target marketing.

Some questions that come to mind:

  1. Are these companies really targeting the market?
  2. Is Facebook being viewed as an online mass marketing strategy?
  3. Can mass marketing and target marketing co-exist together with Facebook as the social medium?
  4. How can advertisers leverage Facebook to increase their sales either through Facebook pages or groups?

My issue is that companies are not targeting the market this way and are falling into a trap of communicating with their potential customers on social media when nobody is listening. This causes wasted advertising dollars on expensive television commercials. It is probably better to test market these ads. Facebook may have a larger reach than other expensive advertising venues such as the Super Bowl, but television commercials need to be customized for segmentation through demographics and possibly geographics. Geographically, the Super Bowl targets all Americans (geographic and demographic) and football/sports fans (psychographics). Advertisers that promote their Facebook pages in television commercials miss the mark since Facebook has more of a world wide audience.

My Solution:

I have built almost 30 Facebook pages for my clients (See, but for Facebook to impact offline advertising, advertisers should also form Facebook groups since they target the market better. Then, in their Facebook groups, a link to the company's Facebook page should be at the top. This will get more qualified customers and increase online sales.

My advice to small and medium size businesses is this:

As an internet marketer, I am advising all small and medium sized businesses to promote their Facebook pages more, but hire a company like Hot Web Ideas to build you a Facebook page that looks like a real website, However, in your offline marketing efforts, find the right market to visit your Facebook page so you will be able to get the right message to the right customers.

How Does Twitter Compete With Facebook For Small Business Marketing?

I do not see advertisers pointing people to their Twitter profiles in commercials, but Twitter should be a destination from Facebook since advertising should be more linear without losing the total marketing message. If advertisers will not add their Twitter profiles to their commercials, then Facebook should be the main advertising medium and act as an entry point to Twitter.

I look forward to your comments.


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