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Facebook is considering options for users to receive money "tip" when writing status?

Updated on April 21, 2016

In a recent user survey was carried out, the Facebook page The Verge discovered which has a content question is: "You will select the forms to make money thanks to your presence on Facebook? " and have options like "Money tip / tip", charity, created the Call to Action button, to share advertising revenue from Facebook ... So individual users can also make money from their post on Facebook if this policy is adopted.

Facebook is the largest social network today and each user key is to generate revenue for Facebook, however, and obviously not everyone is paying Facebook because Facebook account at all. Maybe Facebook is considering policy users should pay for the new question on the survey. For example, you write status or, better sharing, viewers or your friends can tip a small amount of money for the writer's you, or you can choose the plan that highlights a certain brand that you want to make an action button under the post for linking to a website registration, ticketing, or even receive some advertising revenue from Facebook, too. the survey appears in a person's profile Verified marked, ie a celebrity on Facebook. At present it is too early to know if the policy pays status can be applied to everyone or not, or even that it has not passed.


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