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Facing and Transcending Adversity With A Smile

Updated on September 26, 2013

Adversity with a Smile



In the moments of fear you live. This maybe a hard concept for you to embrace but once you have challenged yourself and embraced adversity it will be clear. This article is to help you identify when you are enduring adversity and then give explanations as to how to cope. It is written for all audiences including but not limited to professional athletes and graduate students.

It is a very simple talent to continually challenge yourself. If you stay in your comfort zones for too long you will fade and weaken. Therefore every fear and bit of comfort you have in your life remove and embrace the nothingness of your life. Your character will be revealed in those moments. For me it was heights so I had to embrace my fear and sky dived. And it was such a wonderful experience so peaceful, serene and silent. And as I was plunging towards the ground I found myself; a person who could handle just about everything and anything that would come to pass. I remember also as a child I was required, and yes I do mean required, to jump from the top of a house into a pool. It was to teach me to let go. And I do. I let go of everything except what is absolutely essential. I should probably mention the jump into the pool was an initiation of sorts and later I watched more than one person jump and break bones. The initiation is always about letting go. Some people have a harder time than others for me it was simple and has been programmed into my life since I was a child. I do maintain what is important. That is also a very important part of being in that particular club.

I Was Afraid When I Did This

Embracing Adversity

Do you Embrace your fears?

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Acceptance is always at a high price in any society. You must always pay in more than you will ever get out. It is my concerted opinion that acceptance is well over rated but there are tenets which are worth learning to be accepted. That includes maintaining what is important. In Initiation you are taught how it will end. You will let go but during acceptance you are taught how to live. These are good lessons but lessons I prefer not to follow and therefore I appear random. That is because I have been initiated into more than one club and the rules of living differ from club to club. Almost always I'm surprising and unpredictable. It is better that way. No one knows you are coming and no sees you go. It would seem to be anarchy except I am working under different club rules.

One tenet to this club is that the USA doesn't have a franchise on decency. I fact, I have been told quite the opposite. But in my travels as a child, it was hard to grasp that people are good all over the world. If anything their governments are bad but that is all. MOst people have very reasonable and benign intentions. So whomever you fear they are not bad. In fact, you might find you have an ally within them. Uncommon allies are strong brokers. This was especially true in the Cold War.

This is really true of traveling. People are basically good. You have to value their culture and respect their opinions but decency is a commodity of the world. Everyone just wants a place to live, a job and to take care of their kids. It is really that simple. The USA is such a diverse country freedom of religion is exceptionally important and everyone in the USA acknowledges that.

There is really no place better to gain acceptance than in the USA. If you can attain a measure of success of the USA you can make it in every society around the world. I believe it was Mencius that said the "Original Intentions of Man is Good". And is true throughout the world. There are bad apples that can spoil your experiences but they are the exception and not the rule.

Now I Am Afraid I Will Never Get To Do This!

The Masters

Once you have been accepted you practice until you ascend to be a Master. Yes, I am a master. But in which club I am not allowed to share. And it isn't important as the tenants of embracing your fears and adversity of life are constants in these societies. Every challenge and every hurdle you encounter is an opportunity for you to define yourself. To test yourself through an ordeal and to measure yourself and improve. It will not only define you as a human being but will also define how you live your life. This is a habituation of life. It is the only way I know to view things as every club I have been in has the same philosophy. Once you are in the Masters level it is really important you give back. I live by this measure as well but probably don't get credit for it because it is a tenet of my life and I no longer am affiliated with any club.

Because the challenges and living there should be only moderation in between. Moderation is the key to longevity. Get past your fears, embrace adversity, get out of your comfort zone and then lead a balanced life. This should all be done without thought or concerted effort on your behalf. Do and don't think...know. Because the beginning and the end you have no control over but how you live is defined by you. If you even realize the beginning and the end are out of your control you are 75% of the way there. The only thing you have control over is you and your life and that begins today. May it be one well lived.


I find meditation to be very helpful to over coming adversity and fears. I also have a priest who absolves me of sin which is quite helpful. Seek your spirituality no matter what religion you practice. You don't even have to have a religion. Pantheist worship trees. Find your spirituality and it will lead you in the directions you need to go. And moderation is the key for life.

I also oil paint and write which is very much like mediation but with oil paints and words.  If you don't believe in mediation try writing or oil painting.

Moderation continued

If you can't push yourself to face your fears it is also an opportunity to ask yourself why? And to condition yourself to embrace them. For many it will feel very wrong but your life will only begin when you start to embrace your fears, adversity and move out of your comfort zone. But do so moderately. Move slowly. Nothing happens over night. I was taught all of this stuff as a child. It will not be easy to change as an adult but I would submit to you that life is change every single day and you adapt or die.

Some risk must be taken for reward to be attained. It is unreasonable to live a safe life without any risk and expect to gain. And I will tell you your life is full of risks you don't know about. In math we call them outliers and they are unaccounted for risks inherent to everything you do throughout the day for which you have not been educated. And how do factor those risks out? Be random.

Honesty, until you have been shot at I don't think you have lived at all. It was an accident but it sprung the realitivy of exactly how finite life can be. And if that bullet had hit me I was prepared to let go.

Ideally, before you let go you will have dealt with all of your fears, adversities, challenged yourself and been accepted in your life. It is the challenge every human being struggles with. It is not unique to Americans or anyone else. The clubs are not unique either.

I know this sounds like a lot of Bravado from a person writing a hub but these are tenets of life for which every generation passes to the next. It is perhaps the most international commonality we have, all of us ascend throughout our life times. It is whether you are conscious of it or not and whether you embrace the ascension or you flounder.

I hope you embrace the changes of your life while you ascend but I also hope you do so moderately and randomly and recognize that your value system is not any different from anyone else's on the planet. Just know and transcend.


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    • profile image

      jt walters 

      7 years ago

      And the knowledge you can. Thanks for the comment. I am following you now as well.

    • Apostle Jack profile image

      Apostle Jack 

      7 years ago from Atlanta Ga

      I can do it .You can do it,and whoever else can do it.It is just a matter of choice and performance.


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