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Factor In Money

Updated on June 1, 2011

Money is something we all need and most of us don't have enough of. Sometimes we waste it when we have it and sometimes we are frugal with it. It is best to save as much as possible without doing without but it's important to understand what the needs are. If it's a 52 inch flat screen TV you can do without it. Or a $60,000 dollar automobile you can do without.

There are number of things you can do to save money and make money. If you want to make money you can mow lawns, do odd jobs, get a second job or you can go online to earn extra money. This is my preferred method of making extra money. My favorite place to make extra money online is ebay. If you don't have stuff to sell you can always purchase from wholesalers which honestly I really don't recommend as you not be able to resell the goods and make a profit. You can use a dropshipper. If you don't sell the items you've only lost the listing fee. You can also start a blog where you put adsense on it. You can sign up for writing sites like hubpages, associated content(I used them but wasn't particularly pleased with the layout, etc. I've heard some people make money with them.), triond(they actually sound pretty good but run kind of slow when I used them), helium, squidoo and there are others. There are a variety of other things you can do online to make money but these two are at the top of the list when it comes to making money. One thing about ebay, you are far more likely to make a little extra spending money than an actual living so don't get dissapointed by all the hype you've heard about making tons of money. That's mostly to sell the ebook they are pushing.

You can also turn a hobby into extra money. I like photography and take pictures of abandoned houses and buildings and put them on my blog.

I'm actually finally getting a fair amount of traffic on my blogs especially on the one where I put the pictures. I don't make that much and writing takes alot of time depending on your skill level and how easy it is for you to write. But every little bit adds up.

As for saving money start a budget. I recommend two. The one where you factor in entertainment, food, gas and other expenses that you may be able to cut. Then the household bills account where you keep money to pay bills. This one is where budgeting is almost impossible because you can't tell the power company that this month you are only going to pay a certain amount or not at all unless you want to do without because they will cut your power off if you don't pay the bill and the same goes for the other bills. The only way to cut these expenses is to do without. If you can do without or simply can't afford things like internet service you can turn it off but it kind of defeats the purpose when you are trying to make money online because you can still make money online from a public terminal but there are time constraints. If you have to go this route you can use a flash drive to store your pictures and/or documents and articles. I really like mine and am very pleased.

I recommend that you start a savings account if you don't already have one and put money in it each week. It is also advisable that you start an account where you put money in it each week for things like car repairs and to save money for a new car. It doesn't matter if you don't need one you start saving for one anyway so you have more money when the time comes. Once car payments end you keep on putting that money(or some of it) away. You can start an account to put money away for major purchases like appliances, etc.

Truthfully, a few years ago I wasn't so worried about money. This isn't saying I had plenty and didn't have to worry but there were alot of factors leading to my lax and naive thinking.

First, my mother passed away which was very difficult. A year later I was in a three car accident. Even though I walked away I was thoroughly informed of just how lucky I had been and how close I came to death. This lead me to decide to travel. I didn't want to end up like Mom putting off what I wanted to do until later only later never came for her. Luckily, I didn't spend everything I has accumulated but I spent alot of it. It wasn't until I met my husband who constantly hounded me about having a budget and trying to hold on to what little I had left. For a long while I didn't listen and kept on spending. But I got smart before it was too late. Now I wish I had been smarter much earlier on.

Of course we've all heard the old saying,"You can't cry over spilled milk." This phrase has never rang more loudly or more clearly than now. Unfortunately, I can't go back. I can only go forward. I can't keep beating myself up over how if only I had been more diligent and proactive with my online business a few years ago I would probably be much farther ahead now. What If? What If? This is absolutely unproductive thinking.

I am here to advise anyone who thinks maybe now isn't the time to get started, maybe the thought is no time, got other things to do, will do it later, etc. Now is absolutely the right time to get started and get aggressive with an online business and making/saving money. If you are looking for something new, extra money, want to stay home with your children while contributing to the household(not that taking care of the children and the home is not hard work and plenty of contribution because it is and any man who says otherwise I'd like to see not only get through the grueling nine months then have the child but do everything else too and try to make him happy as well and after all this see if his attitude is still the same. I'm betting it won't be.

Now is the time to start planning on saving for the future, for retirement. If you think you're too young to worry about these things let me give you a little eye opener, you are never too young to plan.

If you already have a little money saved, no matter how small the savings, make a goal to add to it every week, every month and stick to it even if it's only a few dollars at a time. No matter how small the savings contribution you are making an effort, you are saving. It has to be consistent, every week or every month without fail. Budget and stick to it. Of course there will be times when you can't do it no matter how hard you try but try. Resolve not to use credit card except in an emergency. This is the number one thing that gets many people into trouble and deep in debt with no way out.

You're probably thinking I just can't live without my credit cards. Yes you can. Your ancestors did because they had to, there was no credit cards 75, 100 years ago. I understand we don't live in the 1800's. I'm fully aware of this fact but it's imperative to do without credit cards as much as possible. Certainly you need to build credit but good credit.

If you have any savings make a plan today to save what you have left so you actually have something to build upon. It's alot easier to build when there is already a foundation rather than building the foundation too.

This is all a tough pill to swallow. I wish I had followed this advice three years ago although I don't for one minute regret my travels. In some quirky way they prepared me for the here and now. It would just be nice to have some of that money back but I can't go back. If you're reading this and have the opportunity to not go down the path I did think long and hard about refraining from the overspending path.

Be good stewards now so you will have something for the future.


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