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5 Simple ways to survive office politics

Updated on September 19, 2016
An organization is build up by a family of employees. Once the family is broken, the organization can't sustain......
An organization is build up by a family of employees. Once the family is broken, the organization can't sustain......

Never be a cause of office politics....

The very first thing that i would like to say and request to all the employees that please never do politics at your work place. The place where you work is your worship place. You may be an employee of the organization, but treat the organization as your own property and the people in the organization as your best friends. This is which will take everyone towards success. If every employee makes their mentality like this then there is never a use of these kind of articles. "Always maintain the core values and culture of the organization rather than putting a shit thoughts and policies"

Still, in cases, if you are facing such a trouble, then its not a big deal. The reason why it seems to you a big deal is that someone is letting you down besides your good practices and positive attitude towards work. And this is where you feel insulted, ruled, cheated and misjudged. And, your mind tend to think of these shit things rather than finding the answers of "why it's happening and how to sort it out?". Here's is a very simple and very precise discussion on this issue.

It's not the time to panic, It's time to have a coffee and think.....
It's not the time to panic, It's time to have a coffee and think.....

Do not panic: Better have a coffee and think....

"Every single spoken word makes some sense at the work place"

There may be situations which are unfit for you in your office. At such situations, "The worst thing to do is, you panic" and "The best thing to do is, be calm and just think". It's not the time to panic, rather it is the time to think with a calm mind.

There often comes situation in the office where you have to get through the people's politics which may be against you or may not be against you. You can't expect everyone in the crowd to be of your kind or the kind you expect them to be. Everyone is of his own kind.

There are often situations where the politics is not transparent but it's still known to you. There may be politics which happens right infront of you but you can't do anything.

Now what you gonna do is you can avoid yourself from such politics. The question is "how you can avoid this?".

Always remember

"Every and Any situation can be handled, but it needs a right way and perfect strategy."

Once the family is together, the organization grows with a double rate....
Once the family is together, the organization grows with a double rate....

5 Simple ways to survive this politics....

"At any point of time you have to maintain the Values and culture of the company. Always be loyal to your organization".

There should never be any deterioration in the organization's performance.

You just analyze the things happening to you. Do not make any quick and wrong decisions. It may let you regret after the time is gone. You just always try to know what's happening around you, but try to be away from it.

There may be times when a shity fellow comes and directs you, gives you deadlines and orders you.

What you are supposed to do is:

•"A Simple Smile. This simple smile will take him down of you, (may be slowly, but it will take him down)."

•"Do your tasks in time (It's obviously better to finish your task before time, whatever it takes). But always keep the higher authority posted about this."

•"Never talk to anyone as if you are talking something private. It lets the guy to think whatever his mind says."

•"Never make a mistake of broadcasting your stories infront of other members of the office.It will somehow effect your image at the end".

•"Be clear with your boss. But the guy should not get any clue of this."

The above things may seem very simple or very short to see. But it's all about the sense that it does make. Every line makes a great sense. And yeah, it really is a very simple way, but it's all hidden or invisible at times when you become a victim of this politics (Specially in cases when you try to perform good, but every time people try to put you down). This is the time where people loose their passion towards their work.

These are definitely the ways to get out of the politics at your workplace, but actually the above is a life time tip for anytime, anywhere or any situation in your job.

Do you face politics in your office...?

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    • Akriti Mattu profile image

      Akriti Mattu 

      3 years ago from Shimla, India

      Very well put.

      Voted up.


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