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False Advertisement from WebSites On Line...If Its Too Good To Be True!

Updated on August 21, 2012

False Advertisement Nightmares

Fish On A Hook

Well My things are stored in a locker at the South Beach Storage facility. But I have to say it did not go smoothly as was expected. When I arrived I present both my phone text message and email correspondence showing my reservation code for the advertised space on your web site to the on site manager.

I was immediately told that the space that I reserved was not available and that there were no storage units available to me for the advertise price on your website. I was told that I would have to pay a higher than advertise price for a unit if I wanted to rent a space to store my property. The storage manager told me that the website was an old and outdated website and had nothing to do with

South Beach Storage located at

1880 West Ave, Miami Beach, Fl 33139

(305) 664-6674

and that U-Haul Storage was responsible for the units at this location and set the price for all units available at the South Beach location and not your company

SpareFoot Inc.

720 Brazos St. Suite 300
Austin, TX 78701

The Nightmare Begins

I was informed that I would only be able to get a storage unit for $29.95 + tax bringing my total $33.77 if I wanted to rent a unit at this location, and if that was not to my liking that I could go down the street to Public Storage about a block away as they would have units available for the advertise $19.95 price that your website offered and possibly cheaper as Public Storage was their competitor in the neighborhood. Basically I was being told that my reservation would not be honored no way, no how.

I went to the other storage place up the block and found that they had never had any units for that price and had no idea why I was told that by the South Beach Storage manager. I was throughly disgusted and pissed off at this point and had driven many miles in the South Florida heat just to reach the storage facility in South Beach.

My Plea Goes Un-heeded

I needed to get my stuff stored and I needed to do immediately. So I returned to South Beach Storage and told the manager that I needed a unit and would pay the higher price for the moment until i could contact your company to rectify the situation about my reservation which I had made five days in advance with your company SpareFoot Storage Finder.

I have a total of (4) email confirmations from your company's website confirming my reservation informing me that move-in day was getting closer and closer and nothing about informing me that the unit I had reserved was never available in the first place and that I would have to pay a higher price for a unit if I was still interested in renting from the South Beach Storage location.

Threats And In-difference

The on site manager also started to get belligerent and threatening about possibly not even renting me a unit if I was going to be persistent about my reservation or cause trouble for not receiving what I expected as advertised and confirmed by your many emails to me. I told him that I was not causing trouble and that I only wanted to receive what I was promised and advertised to me in the first place and that I would contact you company to have the matter addressed and straightened out.

At which point he then offered that he could possibly arrange for me to pay the $19.95 reserved price plus a $3. 72 Admin fee which would bring my total to $23.77 to move in, at that if in the future a unit for the advertised reserved price should become available he would inform me and I could get that unit at that time in the future. I agreed so that I could get my stuff stored and leave without any further argument with him. When I asked about the $1 one month rent he informed me that it would only be for the remainder of the month which amounted to about 13 days and not a full month.

The Final Offer

After waiting about 15 minutes for him to complete all the paperwork concerning my rental contract, he then presents me with paperwork stating that he was going to rent me a unit that normally cost $29.95 For $19.95 price i was promised like he was doing me a favor that had nothing to do with honoring the reservation price advertised on your site form your company and continued to deny that South Beach Storage had anything to do with your company and that it was all run by U-Haul Storage Company and that they set the price for all units located at 1880 West Ave, Miami Beach, Fl 33139.

At this point I made sure to pay for two months in advance which brought my total to $43.77 which is about how much I figured I was prepared to pay when I arrived with my reservation in the first place.

The Consumers Options

I was seriously considering bringing the matter to both the Florida States Attorneys Office and the Better Business Bureau of Florida as I felt like I was the victim of false advertisement and dishonest business practices. I still may pursue this avenue of inquiry, but for the moment I am marking time about this matter as I give it more consideration. I am trying to give your company the benefit of the doubt and think that you should have had the ability to confirm the availability of the advertised unit for the price offered publicly on your website and that five days was adequate time enough to inform me if that was not the case or the unit in question would or would not be available for the price advertised and reserved for me by your company.

So that was how my move in experience went at South Beach Storage. Do you have a nightmare you want to share.

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