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Updated on February 20, 2012

Basic information about Fanbox

Fanbox is a blogging platform and a blogging community that anybody in the world can join. Bloggers and writers join Fanbox as a way to blog about anything they wish to blog about. Bloggers and writers also join Fanbox because it is a way for them to earn some money writing.

How to join Fanbox

Joining Fanbox is very easy to do and once a person joins the site, they will be able to start earning money right away. All a person needs to do is join Fanbox by providing basic information about themselves and they will then be able to start blogging on the site and earn money blogging.

Earning money on Fanbox

There are a few ways to make money writing on Fanbox. Blogging is the most common way for bloggers to earn money writing on Fanbox. A person sets up a blog and then adds posts to it. The more people who see the blog, and the more time they spend on the blog equals earnings for the blogger.

A blogger can also earn cash on Fanbox by advertising their posts. Creating ads for posts attracts readers to posts and earns bloggers money when people click on their ads and reads their posts and the more time people spend on the post, the more money the blogger will earn.

Bloggers can also use the boost feature, previously known as investing. Basically a blogger invests money and makes a profit back. The amount of money that can be made with this feature varies and there is never a set amount of money that will be made. However, a blogger can expect to make back more money than what they put in.

A blogger can also earn money by advertising other bloggers' posts. A blogger on Fanbox can advertise other peoples posts and they earn most of the money that the other blogger makes as a result of the other blogger's advertising efforts.

There are other ways for bloggers to earn cash on Fanbox but the above ways are typically the most common ways for bloggers to make money.

When does Fanbox pay

Fanbox pays around every 3 months. It use to be around every 60 days but they recently changed their policy. If a blogger earns money in the month of Jan., then they will be paid in April for the earnings they made in January.

It may not seem appealing but Fanbox does pay and is legit.

Is it work writing on Fanbox

If somebody is looking to earn a few dollars, then it is worth checking out Fanbox. Some people make a few dollars a month and then there are people who are making a few hundred dollars and then there are even bloggers who are earning a few thousand dollars a month. The income potential is there.


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