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Fanbox IPL Feature: Is It Profitable

Updated on September 13, 2012

Fanbox IPL Feature

The I'll Pay Later (IPL) feature is a new feature that Fanbox has just added recently. This article is going to explain what is the new Fanbox IPL feature all about and if it can help people on Fanbox make some money. In other words this article will answer the question "Is IPL profitable."

The IPL Feature On Fanbox

What Is I'll Pay Later Feature

The IPL feature is brand new and Fanbox has just released it to virtually all members of the community. IPL is basically similar to a credit. A member is given a certain amount of credit that they can use on the site. The member pays back the credit in full while paying a processing fee until the entire IPL limit is paid back. This may sound confusing but it is actually quite easy to get the hang of once you look into what IPL is all about.

How Much Do You Get For An IPL Limit

Since the feature is brand new, new users get around $100 in credit or IPL funds while some users get much more than that. Once a person spends their funds, they will need to repay it all back in full and until it is paid back in full, they will pay a monthly process fee which is a percentage of the amount of funds used. The percentage is around 1.54% of the funds used.

For example, if a person spends $200 of their IPL funds on Fanbox, then they will owe a monthly processing fee of around $3 and some change. They will also need to pay back the $200 in full before they are able to cashout any earnings.

Is IPL Profitable

Now lets answer that question. It could be profitable and an easy way to earn a few dollars a day doing virtually nothing. If a person uses $200 and earns $225, then once they pay back the $200 and the processing fee of $3 and some change, then they still make a little bit of a profit. If it takes a person 3 months to pay the full $200 back, then they will pay a total of around $209 and some change, and this includes the monthly processing fee. This means that the person has earned around $15-$16 in profit.

Is IPL Worth Trying Out

So far I would say that it is worth giving a try. I have used it already and continue to use it, and I have been making a profit on a daily basis. I'm not making hundreds of dollars a day but I am making some profits on a daily basis.

If you are a member of Fanbox, then I recommend that you try out the new IPL feature.


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