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Farewell Speech for a Colleague Who Is Leaving

Updated on August 17, 2017
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Oyewole Folarin loves writing greeting card messages and helping others find the words they need for life's special moments.

How to Write a Farewell Speech for a Colleague Who Is Leaving
How to Write a Farewell Speech for a Colleague Who Is Leaving

Writing a "Farewell Speech" for a Friend and Colleague

Need to write a farewell speech or retirement message for a colleague or an employee that is leaving the company and don’t know how best to go about doing it? You're not left alone, this article contains inspirational samples that you can use to help you get ideas on how to write or what to say in a speech for someone that announces their resignation, retirement, promotion, or transfer to another organization. Also, if you're the one who is leaving the company or moving to the next chapter of life, you'll find how to write a touching speech for friends and colleagues in this guide.

Outline of some things that you'll find here:

  • What to say in a farewell speech for a colleague and friend
  • Sample speech for a colleague
  • Sample speech by the leaver
  • Some ideas of words to use

What to Say in a Farewell Speech for a Colleague and Friend


Here are some things that you should note and focus in your writing:

  • A brief description: Put down on a paper those skills, achievements, and attributes that best describes the person. Make sure you are fair and honest about adjectives to use to describe them.
  • Recall old memories: Include the most important, inspiring, and interesting ones. Also, let them know how much you’re going to miss them.
  • What you have learned working together: Write some skills and knowledge that you have gained working with them over the years. And how they have inspired you and your colleagues to be sound professionals.
  • Express your appreciation: Say thanks for all the great times you shared with them. And remember to wish them good luck and all the best in future endeavors.


  • Your speech should be brief, clear, and understandable enough.
  • Don't be negative to your listeners.
  • Make your message inspiring and engaging.

For a Colleague That's Leaving

Sample Speech #1

Good afternoon everyone,

As we all know, we have gathered here this afternoon to say goodbye to a colleague who is leaving us today to start another phase of his career life as the [insert his new position] of a multinational company in the United States of America. And to use this opportunity to express the organization’s profound gratitude for his hard work and the great times he spent working with us.

He is a remarkable colleague and friend who has spent 10 years working with us, and the roles that he played had really made a big difference in the workplace, especially when it comes to meeting and sometimes exceeding the goals that we were tasked with.

He is active, cheerful, productive, initiator, industrious, honest, friendly, reliable, persistent, resourceful, talented, loyal, self-disciplined and broad-minded. These, are few of some positive qualities that I could remember which best describe our colleague who is leaving us.

We will miss your valuable contributions in getting the job done perfectly and without any delay whatsoever. Indeed, you are a mentor and inspiration to many of us in the workplace. I look around and I begin to imagine, who that person will be to fill the void you’re creating today. I mean a staff that will always be willing to assist other colleagues on their project, someone who is insightful, analytical and who can work under pressure with little or no supervision.

We are proud to have been a friend and colleague to such an achiever who worked hard and tirelessly to deliver excellent results in the workplace. And who during his time working with us had magnanimously trained others who can handle the job better even after he is no more working with this organization. Today, I am happy and confident enough to say that we can get on with the job without stress.

Your uncommon contributions towards our success at work and the company outstanding performance will stay in our hearts forever. Certainly, there is no gainsaying that we met and surpassed the company’s expectations for the mid-year much to your dedicated support and creative mind. Although, your leaving made us sad but the sweet memories of ever working with you will be remembered always.

With a grateful heart, I say thank you for making work fun and for all those sweet memories which we shared together in this workplace. I wish you good luck and all the best in your new position as you move to higher level. May you find your new place enjoyable and fun more than you had with us here.

Thank you for everything.

If You're the One Leaving the Company

Sample Speech #2

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let me start by thanking everyone for this memorable farewell party that is organized purposely for me today. As you all know by now, it is no longer a rumor that I am moving to head the regional office in New York.

I must say that I still find it difficult to believe that I am leaving those who have been very helpful to me right from my day one in this organization so soon. Those who made me who I am today, no matter how much distress my leaving has caused you, we need to remember one fact that it is impossible for us to stay together for life. If you are not transferred, one might decide to resign from work or get retired from service. Leaving you so soon is not what I planned for but the decision of the board of directors.

The skills and knowledge that I have learned working with you will be helpful to me in my new role. I really enjoyed every moment working with you. You have all inspired me with your level of reasoning and professionalism and that has always encouraged me to think deeply about the future of my career. Open-minded, self-reliant, trustworthy, focused, enterprising, self-disciplined, hard work, persistent, respectful and perseverance are few of the good qualities that you have instilled in me. We've experienced a great collaboration on every projects. Indeed, I will miss this friendly atmosphere and my team — a team that's committed to each other.

I want to thank this organization and everyone for the faith you have in me, and for the unflinching motivation over the years. I promise you today that I will never let you down in this new role.

With a grateful heart, I say thank you for all the support, friendship, encouragement and cooperation you have shown to me over the years. The sweet memories which we shared together will remain in my heart forever. I wish you success and happiness in the workplace and in your various homes.

Thank you for everything.

Some Ideas of Words to Use

You can use these positive words to describe employees strengths and attributes. These words will likely get you inspired to start writing your own unique farewell or goodbye speech.

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