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Fashion Accessories Direct Selling Companies for Your Home-Based Business

Updated on July 8, 2011

Fashion accessories is not a bad line to be in right now.  I am finding more and more people who are not investing as much money in their clothes, but are instead buying the bare necessities and then modernizing them with trendy fashion accessories.

Fashion accessories are typically inexpensive, which means you will make less per item sold, but will sell more items because more people will be able to afford them.

Some of these businesses I have listed here carry some very unique items.  Jockey Person to Person is selling clothes, which is not necessarily a new concept (remember Popular Club?), but is a bit different since Jockey is a name that pretty much everyone knows.  Thirty-one gifts has some really neat items, and one of their items has me thinking I should be selling their stuff because it is one of the neatest things I've ever seen (if you check out their site, look for the huge utility bag - it's awesome!).

The list below is not all-inclusive, but does include some of the better direct-sales companies in the fashion accessories line.

All Dazzle – Startup $150 & up, make 35%, downline 4%

F.A.I.T.H. Company – Startup $195, make 50%

Gigi Hill – Startup $200 and up, up to 25% commissions

Initials, Inc. – Startup $139, make 25-36% commissions plus bonuses

Jockey Person to Person – This looks like a really neat and unique opportunity. The main focus is comfy clothes, and it is the same Jockey brand as is sold in stores, with just a different variety for the home-sales division. Startup is $199, and you can make 25% commission with 5-15% bonuses. If you sell $2400 within your first month, you get 7 more pieces of clothing ($300 value) for free. Downline is 3-7%.

Lia Sophia – Startup is $149, commissions are 30% plus bonuses. I sold for Lia Sophia when they were called Lady Remington. They have very high-quality products that seem to last forever and look as beautiful years later as they did on day one. I didn’t have a lot of success as the products seemed a bit expensive, even with the great sales. Don’t let that deter you, my friends are cheapskates like me!

Maddy Moo Creations – Startup is $149, commissions are 25%

Michele Baratta at Home – Startup is $199, or FREE with qualifying purchase, commissions are 25-35%

Nefful USA - MLM

Purse Party – Startup is $200, with 30-40% commissions, downline is 3-10% for 3 levels

SMC Specialty Merchandise Corporation – Startup $300

Thirty-One Gifts - $99 startup fee


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