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Favoritism in Business

Updated on November 26, 2014

There are some states that operate in a way that violates all human resources, law, and in a realm beyond human comprehension. They take the phrase "to the victor goes the spoils" is taken to an entirely different level. Sometimes I wish attorneys from New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles would descend on their state and clean up on the laws and regulations violated on a daily basis. People who put their friends on payroll and secure contracts with friends without even evaluating bids from multiple venders. It's crazy. Certain states really believe they are not part of the United States and can make their own laws which are latent in favoritism and racism. “Right to Work” laws, violation of human resource laws, and creating relationships/contracts with friends without properly evaluating those more qualified for positions. It's a wonder that someone hasn't sued the states for ostracizing people that move to their state “of opportunity” only to be ostracized (not hired) because of others ignorance and indoctrinated belief that they will not hire “those people” regardless of their qualifications or credential. The indoctrinated belief that we will keep “our state” giving “our jobs” to only the people from our region.


Fire chief in Roswell, Ga.

State records show Ricky Burnette was first certified in 1991 as an Alpharetta firefighter. Certification requires the completion of a high school diploma. When it was discovered in 1995 that he lied on his resume he was fired. He went on to earn his GED in 2005. He is now Fire Chief in Roswell, Ga. He gained this position by defeating a few other applicants. Amongst the people he defeated, a deputy chief with a masters degree in public administration and a battalion chief with a degree in fire science.

By 1995, he was a captain, until his boss found out he was also a liar.


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