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Feeding the World's Seven Billion People: You can help: Here's how

Updated on June 17, 2011

One Approach To Feeding The Whole World

Life is short and one only gets a few chances to make a difference in this life. This year, 2011, is the year when we will see the world population grow to 7 billion people. This is a lot of people. How do we feed everybody? First we start will working to create a food secure situation for ourselves and our families. This is a good start. Any food that you can grow for yourself will increase your very own food security. If you have an excess of food that you have grown in your garden, or farm animals as a source of protein, you can sell your extra foods to others to create extra income for yourself.

Beyond feeding youself and your family members, anything extra that you produce should go into the food supply effort in some way. Some people give their extra foods to hunger relief efforts or give it to neighbors or sell the foods at road-side stands or farmers' markets or to retailers.

All that I have mentioned above is good but it will not get all the world's 7 billion people fed. There are ways and means for getting this job done however. Mamushi Nature Farm Initiatives, Inc., a nonprofit, has a mission and a vision that is focused on getting all the world's people fed. It goes beyond the scope of this short hub to elaborate on the details.

For those who would like to donate money to the "feeding of the world's 7 billion people effort" that is being overseen by Mamushi can donate whatever they can afford to give, whether it be one dollar or any amount. If you do not believe in the vision, do not send anything. If your heart is not in it, Mamushi would rather that you keep your resources. Mamushi wants "cheerful givers" who love the idea of everyone in the global community having food to eat.

Mamushi Nature is a farm that exists to raise organic foods or Certified Natually Grown foods to sell to the public, in order to help obtain the resources to do the work of the nonprofit side of the organization. Major donors and grants are difficult to procure, but people, with the money, are willing to purchase quality foods from the nonprofit, knowing that they are helping to build an organization that will help feed the world's 7 billion people. You can send your donations to Mamushi Nature Farm's office at 1358 Coleman Road, Franklin, Tennessee 37064, if you do not have the time to help any other way besides sending a donation. Every effort, donation, prayer, or goodwill toward the vision makes a difference. No exceptions. Thank you.


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