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Financial Services Direct Sales Companies for Your Home-Based Business

Updated on December 28, 2011

I think that selling financial services through direct sales is a pretty radical idea. Not that it's new - it's just different. My step-father did this for a while, and made a ton of money. The reason he didn't stick with it was because it was very time-consuming, and our family had other endeavors at the time. It's definitely a multi-level marketing system, which can be to some peoples' advantage.

When you decide you are ready to work at home, financial services can be a very lucrative home-based business. You can earn a good internet income as well through utilizing the different companies' web services.

There are so many direct sales businesses out there right now that it can be hard to decide which is the best home business to get into. If you are financially savvy and feel that you can really invest your time into helping others with their finances, this may be the avenue for you.

Check out the businesses listed below. This is just a sampling of financial services businesses, but they are legitimate and can be a great choice for business opportunity seekers.

Primerica – Startup is $99 and $25/month. Their product line includes term insurance, investments, debt solutions, auto & home, long term care, and legal protection. This does work as a multi-level marketing program, but it is unique in that it deals with financial services. The cost is low for startup and for maintenance too, so if you are thinking about getting into an MLM at a low-cost startup this may be good for you. That being said, I have read many negative things about Primerica on different websites, but lots of times you will hear the slams and not the good information. Nowhere could I find how folks get paid with Primerica.

Team National

Thrivent Financial at Home


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