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Find Proper Social Media Training

Updated on July 6, 2010

Find Proper Social Media Training

When learning how to use social media marketing, you want to get the most updated information for your social media training. The most recent information you can find will be online, and you can even find it in social media sites such as on Facebook official pages, blogsites and YouTube. Just by Googling “social media” you can find hundreds of thousands of sites yet you can narrow it down by your industry, the type of media to use such as articles, video or photos, and the tools to place your content to including Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. There are plenty of book and magazine articles that can help too, and there are even social media training courses, conference calls and even conventions about the topic.

The thing about your social media training that you’ll need to remember is that even after you find out all about the particulars of the business side, you’ll still need to do some research about your audience. Just because you know how to post social media content to a blogsite doesn’t mean everyone in your industry will flock there. You’ll need to find out what type of content your audience likes to view. Do they prefer to read articles or look at video? By asking questions and developing relationships, you can find out what is the preferred method of communication.

Another thing social media marketing training can teach you is how to develop that content.  It’s easy for some people to write articles but other people are better tweeters, keeping the character count to 140 on Twitter.  Still others are comfortable on camera with a video or even on voice recording with a podcast. It sounds easy enough, but sometimes you have to prioritize how much time you have to devote to social media training. Outsourcing some of your efforts is a great way to free up your time and get professional results.


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