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How to Find a Mentor in Life and for Your Career

Updated on November 11, 2012
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I'm an inspirational writer working in interior design, planning commercial offices where I found my niche, but with a passion for writing.

What is a Mentor?

Finding a mentor in life is smart. Selecting the right mentor is wisdom making. Consider it a blessing if a mentor chooses you. A mentor with the attributes you desire, a person with knowledge and experience that can show you the way.

Treat a man as he is and he will remain as he is. Treat a man as he can and should be, and he will become as he can and should be. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Mentors are teachers, experienced advisers, and supporters. To be a mentor one must have knowledge. The mentor advises or guides a less experienced person.

Mentoring requires the more experienced person to teach, train, or guide a lesser experienced person. That person becomes the mentor’s protégé.

A protégé is an apprentice. Someone who is under the influence of a guide and has an investment in that person to learn and grow..

Finding a Mentor

During the trials of life, an experienced mentor can guide you. They listen. They offer advice.

Remember the movie, The Karate Kid? The young child needed a mentor to instruct him on standing up for himself. He gave him courage. The young karate kid was instructed with discipline and self-control. The mentor taught his young protege bravery and mental self-confidence.

The role of a mentor instructs by giving available choices and teaching valuable life lessons.

Because of this, we must use extreme caution on the mentors we choose.

Alas! They had been friends from youth, but whispering tongues can poison truth. -Shakespeare

They say to choose your friends wisely, well that is true, but you must also choose your mentor wisely.

Investing in another person's life has its rewards but it also carries with it immense responsibility. Finding that right mentor may take time. Trusting a person to mentor another takes intuition. Caution is the key.

Where do you see your life going? Choose your mentor accordingly. Unless you make wise decisions, a mentor can also lead you astray.

Find a Career Mentor

Mentors can be found within every area of your life.

In the corporate world, a mentor could be the trainer.

A colleague at work with years of experience in the trade or profession your interested in, can mentor.

What are the goals of your life? A mentor with the attributes you desire, a person with knowledge and experience that can show you the way, can be an excellent mentor.

Sometimes the mentor at work is the trainer. The one showing you the ropes. Sometimes this person can be the boss, maybe a direct supervisor or head of another department, or sometimes the mentor may be your peer at work.

The role of the career mentor may help you climb that ladder of success.

"I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth. These are the things I will do; I will not forsake them" - Isaiah 42:16

Find a Life Mentor

The spiritual condition of mankind is distressed. There is certainly room for growth. It’s a time for renewal, a time for a revival.

Finding a life mentor means walking alongside them when they are doing right. It means walking in front of them to lead them. A life mentor always walks behind you and watches your back.

The role models for our kids today are represented by sports heroes, celebrities, and musician artists. However many of these are misrepresentations of a very good role model based on the lives they are leading.

There are multiple Youth Mentoring Programs available to our children today. Big Brother Big Sisters make a difference in the lives of young people. Volunteering in these programs is one way to become a formal mentor.

If you are a mentor, believe in your protege. Encourage them to succeed. Whether in the role of coach, teacher, parent, or role model, every mentor has the ability to help build achievers.

These are high expectations. Inspiring others is what it’s all about. Be a person of integrity and stand by your word. Be an encourager and be a blessing.

A sincere mentor recognizes their true motives. People are not to be used or taken advantage of. Stepping over another to get the desires of your heart will only come back to haunt you one day.

People who have wisdom to share can become a mentor to another. Choosing to be a mentor requires diligence and determination.

Every successful person in life most likely has had someone or more than one who encouraged them, believed in them, and raised their level of self-confidence to achieve their great success.

Children need a good foundation. Sometimes a mentor can make all the difference.

With wisdom and understanding, I've come to realize that my parents were role models in my life. In the past 6 months, I've learned that when the people you love pass away, all that is left is the wake of dawning. Finding truths in the lives they had lived and in the mark they had made in this world revealed many truths to my soul. I realized they had always believed in me.

"God often sends us trials that our graces may be discovered, and that we may be certified of their existence. Besides, it is not merely discovery, real growth in grace is the result of sanctified trials. God often takes away our comforts and our privileges in order to make us better Christians." - Charles Spurgeon

If you find a mentor be grateful, you have been blessed. Listen to their wise instruction and be encouraged. Spiritual Mentors are to recognized for their role is extremely important.

If you take on the role of mentoring, be strong, seek wise council and practice patience, understanding, and most of all, love.


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    • Fluffy77 profile image

      Fluffy77 6 years ago from Enterprise, OR

      Great hub, and I know I have found mine. It is good to have this person at least someplace in your past, to remember and draw inspiration and strength from everyday.

    • FaithDream profile image

      FaithDream 6 years ago from (Midwest) USA

      Thanks HennieN. I appreciate the encouragement. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    • HennieN profile image

      HennieN 6 years ago from South Africa

      As a Parenting Coach, I would agree with your article. Well done hub.

    • FaithDream profile image

      FaithDream 6 years ago from (Midwest) USA

      Thanks 2besure for sharing your thoughts. I find there are many mentors within this Hub community. I'm glad you liked the article. Thanks!

    • 2besure profile image

      Pamela Lipscomb 6 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      It is so important to have a mentor, someone who believe in you and one who can guide you. I makes a big difference in someones life. I wish I had one. Great article on mentoring! Voted up.

    • FaithDream profile image

      FaithDream 6 years ago from (Midwest) USA

      Thank you toknowinfo. I appreciate you stopping by and commenting. Finding a mentor is pretty easy to do and I believe everyone needs someone in thier life that can help them along the way.

    • toknowinfo profile image

      toknowinfo 6 years ago

      Well done hub. You make a lot of excellent points. Very inspiring. Rated up and awesome.