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CBMall - How to find the best selling ClickBank products and niches in CBMall

Updated on September 30, 2010

If you want to make money from Internet Marketing then affiliate marketing ClickBank products you can find in the CBMall website is a great place to start. There are thousands of great niche products in CBMall to help get your passive income earning career started.

Here's some top tips on finding the best CBMall products to market using article marketing, newsletters, blogs, micro-niche websites and mailing lists.

CBMall and the ClickBank Marketplace

The nice thing about CBMall is that it lists the products in order of popularity. CBMall also only lists the best selling products from ClickBank. For a beginner just starting out on their Internet Marketing career it can be useful to start off marketing products that have a much better chance of being bought by the customer.

CBMall is arranged in a directory structure along the same categories and subcategories as used by the ClickBank Marketplace. The CBMall website only shows the top 10 products in each category. You can be sure that these products will be hot sellers on ClickBank, particularly in the more lucrative health, money and relationships niches. It's also possible to view the most popular products across each category.

If you want to find a product to market that matches a website or blog you're developing then CBMall also offers a useful product search facility.

Using ClickBank Gravity Ratings

One downside to CBMall is that it doesn't actually show product gravity. To see the ClickBank product's gravity you need to visit the ClickBank website's Marketplace. Alternatively sites like cbengine allow you to search for products to market based on their ClickBank popularity.

ClickBank product Gravity can sometimes be a little misleading. Although a product with high gravity is probably selling a lot of products each week, it also means that it's highly likely that the product is in a very competitive niche and/or has a lot of affiliates trying to market that product.

I like ClickBank products that have a low Gravity, say around 3 or 4. This means that the product is selling, but there is likely to be a lot less competition in terms of search engine optimisation or other techniques. ClickBank products with a Gravity rating of 3 - 4 can be quite good sellers. Often the low Gravity rating means that the product hasn't been marketed that well. Alternatively the product may simply have been overlooked.

Choosing the best ClickBank products to market

In my ClickBank marketing career to date, I have found that by far the easiest products to market are those that I think are cool ideas. I also like to market something that I personally have experience of. The health niche is good in this respect as we've all suffered from one illness at one time or another so our own personal experience really does come across when we're writing about a health issue. A good tip here is to explore the CBMall health directory in order to find products that you might know something about. Health eBooks are big sellers on CBMall!

Aside from health, the other really profitable niches for CBMall ClickBank products are relationships and money. We all want to love and be loved. We also all need money!

Comments or suggestions about using CBMall? Any other hints or tips about marketing ClickBank products? Leave your thoughts below:

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      Clickbank hop ad builder is better