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Find your way ahead as a freelancer

Updated on June 5, 2014

Be a freelancer

Consider freelancing
Consider freelancing

Freelancing is a trend these days

We are living in an era where freelancing is no more an option, but a choice for many. It is a way out for those who do not wish to bind themselves with the rigid office policies and ethics. Freelancing is a perfect deal for those who know to manage their time, work, clients and projects all alone. With the growing complexities of workplaces, more people are seen considering it to be more suitable than to be dragged along a job that isn't really pleasing.

But before you make up your mind to work as a freelancer, you need to set some guidelines for yourself. These would be the guiding norms that won't just help you manage your work, but will also help you safeguard your personal interests. You should beforehand have everything prioritized, from your client meetings to completion of projects. While you will be busy handling your clients and various projects, you may find yourself in the middle of a few decisions and the following notes will help you sail through those difficult times.

Get going

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Get started as a freelancer

Use your network to get started

Your experience and social circle can help you get started. So, make the best use of your social network and professional connections. Let people know that you are working as a freelancer. Try to make them recommend you to their folks to get their projects done.

Always be committed to your deadlines

Once you directly start dealing with the clients, you are held responsible for every deadline to be met. So, take care of the deadlines and do meet them. This doesn't just let the clients have faith in you but also helps you manage different projects as planned.

Things you should avoid as a freelancer

Don't say yes to all the projects

Once you decide that you can take it all on yourself and work individually as a freelancer, you should be clear with when to say yes and when not. You may get many projects and clients, but you should have a look at your schedule and time sheets and then agree to work on any project. This will not just help you stay tuned to the objectives of the clients but will also help you not to take any unwanted stress.

Don't agree to everything the client has to say

Whether you work individually or with a company, you always have the right to put your point forward. So, just be clear with your ideas and communicate them to the clients whenever needed. The clients may not agree with all of them, but it's only you who can make them understand. You do not always need to say yes to everything the client has to say, you can any time say no if you feel that the other person is being unreasonable.

Never take any of your clients for granted

Don't work just for the sake of doing it. Passion makes the work interesting, so always try to enjoy your work and take your clients seriously. Once you plan to work individually, you are always answerable to each of your clients. So, never take them or their work for granted.

Don't take unnecessary work load to earn more

It's good if you can work on many projects simultaneously, but don't do it just for the sake of multiplying your earnings. Every client expects to get 100% and so you need to keep yourself dedicated towards all of your clients' expectations and don't burden yourself with the unnecessary work load.

Freelancer jobs


Do speak for yourself

Do's for freelancers
Do's for freelancers | Source

Things you should do as a freelancer

Do ask for remuneration

Sometimes getting money out of the client's bank account becomes a pain for the freelancers. So, be clear with the remuneration you are expected to get from the clients and keep reminding them in case of any delays.

Manage your time

It's agreed that freelancing brings you some time for your personal commitments too, but don't ever let that hamper your professional commitments. Thus, to maintain a balance between both the phases of life, do manage your time wisely.

Maintain your brand value

When you plan to work as a freelancer, you first need to build a reputation among your clients. For this, you have to meet your deadlines, quality standards and everything else the client expects from you. These aren't just the practices that you should consider to initially build your brand value, but also the ones that will help you be the most credible resource for your clients.


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