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Finding Freelance Work Online

Updated on August 15, 2009
Freelance Writing
Freelance Writing
Equals more money
Equals more money

Searching for work

Searching for work online may seem hard if you are new to this industry, but there are in fact many places where you can get great opportunities on writing online. Freelance writing is an ever demanding type of business that constantly needs new talent for it to continue. If you are a good writer and you want to make some extra money, you can revert to the world of freelance writing to get some money online.

Before you say anything, there are different types of writing paths that you can pursue online. One way to make money writing is to work with sites that have partners and/or sponsors. This website is an example of the type of site I am explaining to you now. You earn money to write and get page impressions and ad clicks. You also earn money to make sells for other affiliate programs, then you earn money when you enter the flagship hub program.

Another way of earning money online is to find posted jobs online. People post jobs on the internet when they want people to write articles for them. They usually give you the topic and the length of the article they expect to receive. With these type of websites, competition is guaranteed, so you better be a damn good writer. You also have to make sure that your website isn't promotional and doesn't have any errors in it. Like this article you are reading now, I probably have many errors in this article. Seeing as though Hubpages isn't as strict as other websites, its acceptable here. But using a website that has business owners offering jobs, errors are not accepted, even if there is as little as one error. The articles have to be perfect, and if they aren't, well lets just say, next!!!

Constant Content

Constant Content is a great website for getting money writing for jobs posted on their website. Its easy to write for this website. In fact, you don't have to be accepted for a job to make money with this website. If you have work of your own, you can upload it to this website and earn money when people decide to purchase your product. This is also good for future job postings because someone may want something similar to what you uploaded, so this saves you a lot of time when you need it the most.

Besides making money selling your own products, you can accept jobs from the customers of Constant Content. Articles show details of what they should be about, how long they should be, and how much the customer is willing to pay you for that article. This website is based on pay per word basis in someway. Some people will try to short change you by offering jobs with articles of 1,000-2,000 words, and only pay you $30 for it. You don't have to do bogus jobs like that, so its up to you if you really wanna sell your work for that cheap, especially when its that much work. But overall, Constant Content is one of the best websites for authors to promote their products and get jobs done easily and earn easily.

Selling articles on Constant Content is a little different from some other websites on the internet today. With Constant Content, you can set up three different prices for your articles. There is the use price, unique price, and full rights price. The use price is for those who want to use your article. This would usually be the lowest price out of the three. I'm really not sure about the unique price because I never used it before. Whatever it is, I'll just have to find out. The full rights price is for those who want to own the work, copyrights and all. This would usually be the highest price out of the three. This means that the person who purchased to product owns everything. This would be a good way to earn money online. People will spend a lot of money for copyrights.

Associated Content

Associated Content is a professional writing website for publishers and authors alike. Publishers offer topics that can be written about. Most of the jobs are relatively easy to do. The only thing with this website is that you have to properly cite your work. Many people don't know how to properly cite their work. Its something they take very serious in college though. If you don't cite your work, you are guilty of plagiarism. Same here, if you don't do this, your work will not be included and you will ultimately make no money at all with this website. Before you come to this website, I advice you to know about this because if you don't, then you are completely wasting your time.

Its a great place for getting page impressions for your other sites as well. Associated Content is one of the best freelance writing sites on the internet today. You have the potential of having your work appear to millions of people, which may result in millions of potential customers and great earnings for affiliate marketers. Not to mention that the people of Associated Content are willing and able to spend money on content. So, here you have a greater opportunity of making money online using this site.

Demand Studios

Demand Studios has allowed many people to earn a great amount of money online. This website is still in its beta stage but it has generated over $15 million in earnings for its writers. Wouldn't you like to have a cut out of those earnings? Well you can. All you have to do is sign up for the website and start writing great, high selling content. I know many of you don't like selling stuff but its a great way to earn money online. Its pretty simple though. You write your content and make it sound good. That's basically what selling is. You just make something sound too good to refuse. I'm not saying sell something that you wouldn't recommend to yourself or any friends. If its that bad of a product, maybe you should keep it hidden from the public. It will serve you a lot better hidden than it would if you let people get a hold of that product. People will begin to write negative reviews about you and your product, then you will start to be labeled as a fraud or con artist, which will ultimately destroy your every hope of succeeding in the internet business. But, before I completely jumped off topic, Demand Studios is similar to other websites such as Associated Content.

Demand Studios has some form of affiliation/partnership with Ehow.This gives this site more trust. Many people have been paid using this website and have expressed themselves in forums and other websites. There have been some problems with this website as far as on time payments. Some people have had late payments and shortage, but the majority of users have had great experiences.

Online Writing Jobs

Online writing jobs is a place for hardcore freelance writers. This is strictly for those who can write on a professional level. If you can not write on a professional level, you will find this site to be a waste of time and unfair. Yeah, unfair, but business is business. Many people have earned money from this site, including myself. Although I have only received one payment, I can say that this site is great. I don't really like the topics that are available here, but there may be someone that does. That person may be you, or a friend of yours. Whoever is a good writer should use this site to find freelance writing opportunities online.

There are thousands of jobs posted on this site. Some jobs may be expired on the list though. The topics are relatively difficult. This site has its own search engine for job results, which lets you know that you have a broad spectrum of work out there that you could be getting paid to do. If you have a lot of free time on your hands and could use the extra money, use this website to put your talents to the test.

Online writing jobs offer a wide variety of work for people. There isn't just work for freelance writers, there is work for nearly every kind of freelance worker. You can find jobs here including freelance blogging jobs, freelance proofreading, freelance public relations jobs, and much more. offers many job postings for freelance writers to go for. This website has helped writers earn money online since 1997. This website has been around for awhile and has generated a good reputation. You can find thousands of freelance writing and editing jobs with this website. This is probably the largest freelance writing site on the internet today. No other website offers more job postings than this website. This website has generated millions of dollars for freelance writers all around the world.

Amongst the many features that are included in this powerful website, you have the discussion forum. I don't know but if I write something, I would want to discuss it. It may generate customers and loyalty to you as a great freelance writer, which would ultimately earn you more work and more money. That simple. Take advantage of the discussion forum. It could help a lot in your campaign as a freelance writer.

This freelance writing site also hosts freelance writing contests. Many people have participated in these contests. Not sure what they could earn from them though. Most likely its money that they win once they complete the contest. This is a great way to earn money and rise your talents to the highest that they can be. Work hard and everything else shall come easy.

Media Bistro

Media Bistro is another all powerful freelance writing site on the internet offering jobs for freelance writers online. Not only does it offer jobs for freelance writers, it also offers classes of some sort. Not to mention that they offer salary surveys.

This website is many types of websites in one. It has something about it that makes people want to go and use this website. I'm not really sure if its the number of freelance jobs available or the great topics to write about. Its something that gives you the urge to write and earn a great income using this website. People will give you jobs to do for a decent amount of money. There aren't many jobs up on this website that I would say try to cut your short or work you under your real worth. People here are desperate to get content for their websites, blogs, ebooks, etc. They pay good for this information and expect to get the best for their dollars.

Media Bistro is in comparison with It is the more professional and higher demanding website of the two. If you are a beginner, it would be best to start off with something like Constant Content or Associated Content, but if you are more of a pro then use sites like and Media Bistro.


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