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Finding Jobs for Convicted Felons

Updated on December 30, 2010

Jobs for convicted felons can seem few and far between but they are definitely out there. To survive one requires an income - it is mandatory to put food on the table, a roof over ones head and clothes on their backs. Thankfully, because this is a necessity, that means that there are jobs for people with felonies and nearly any other black mark or disability that may seem limiting.  

Certain Convictions are More Limiting in the Job Field

Before you set out job hunting you do need to understand - most likely you are already aware - that certain jobs, while they may hire convicted felons may limit their hiring to those whose felonies do not include: theft, crimes of a violent or sexual nature or certain other convictions. While some may argue this is unfair it is up to each company to not only protect themselves but their employees, patrons and customers when applicable.

Jobs for Convicted Felons

Types of Jobs for People with Felonies

Starting out - to save some time and hassle - one of the best first moves you could make is to check in with a temp service or job service. This is suggested because they should be able to immediately know which types of jobs are open to people with a felony or felonies on their record. Often this is a question that is listed and asked when companies sign up to utilize a temp or replacement worker service.

If you do not have a local job service to apply to then here are some other work and career options to help get you started on your way to finding a job.

Construction and labor fields often offer jobs for people with felonies. This requires a lot of hands on work typically and may require passing a physical test and strength assessment as well as mandatory drug testing for workplace safety.

Restaurant Cook and chef positions are often an available positions or jobs for convicted felons. Some will require experience while others will offer entry level or trained placement.

Cleanup and janitorial services which sometimes fall into labor jobs are also often open to those with felonies. Keep in mind where the job is through will make a difference - some businesses and companies such as schools and banks will likely not make these positions available to people with a felony.

Truck Driver and heavy equipment operator positions are available jobs for people with felonies. Granted special licensing is required for these positions but that is a requirement for anyone who applies for work in this career field. 

Jobs for Convicted Felons

Where to Look for Jobs for People with Felonies

If you have tried or do not have a temp service available near you then some other options include:

Look locally or call around to local companies to find out if they are hiring.

Check Online Job search Sites such as Monster and Career Builder for positions that are hiring near you.

Local classifieds both online and offline to find jobs. This would include sites such as craigslist and the help wanted ads in newspapers distributed near your place of residence.


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