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Find and Get Jobs in Lagos Nigeria

Updated on September 26, 2011

Effective ways of looking for jobs in Lagos Nigeria

Lagos Nigeria is one of Africa’s largest cities with an estimated population of over 13 million and a fast growing economy. Although currently facing economic challenges particularly with regard to available infrastructure to support trade, commerce and manufacturing, fact still remains that businesses spring up and expand with the resultant creation of jobs and employment opportunities.

Job seekers in Lagos Nigeria are often times confused or overwhelmed by the sheer difficulty in landing just any job that fits in with their qualification while those lucky enough to get plum jobs are considered lucky or priviledged. However this is really not so most of the time. Hence the question is there an effective way of pursuing job vacancies in Lagos Nigeria? The answer is yes, there are effective ways of pursuing job openings or vacancies.

Some ways by which one could find jobs in Lagos Nigeria

1.       Going online via the internet

The internet is a vast depositary of information and knowledge. Many individuals and organizations choose to use the internet to share information with a global audience and there are many reasons for this. For instance it is cheaper to advertise or disseminate information online and businesses always want the most cost effective ways of doing things so companies that have vacancies they wish to publicize will find the internet useful for such purposes. As a result many of them post vacancies on popular job sites like nairaland, nairalist, naijahotjobs, careers Nigeria, Nigeria-galleria and

Use these websites and many others to access information about job openings and vacancies.

2.       Using recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies are middle men in that they act as a link between employers and prospective employees. They do all the job marketing and research on behalf of employers while they serve as consultants to job seekers helping them find effective ways to prepare for job interviews, CV preparations and providing information on job openings whenever they exist.  Use recruitment agencies also when you are job hunting although they do not always meet the expectations of most job seekers they however provide a useful service. There many recruitment agencies in Lagos Nigeria.

3.       Searching classified adverts

Classified adverts are more useful for special or not so regular job openings but they still offer benefits which job seekers will find useful one way or the other. Major newspapers in Lagos Nigeria offer this special avenue for job seekers. Guardian, punch and vanguard are very common examples of newspapers offering regular classified adverts. Guardian newspaper especially does so on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

4.       Scouting for openings

Another way of looking for jobs is to scout for them. Some job seekers do this by visiting major organisations or companies from time to time seeking opportunities for internships and trainee programs since such offers are one step short of offering full time employment.

5.       Lobbying for openings

You could also lobby recruitment staff and human resources personnel in companies that match your desired career environment. The idea is simply to get familiar with them so as to be in the know for any openings that may come about in future. Staff will always retire, resign, get fired, pass on or need to move on with their lives and careers elsewhere whatever the case there will always be openings and lobbyists tend to benefit more than the passive on looking job seekers.


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    • profile image

      Olayiwola Kazeem 5 years ago

      HND accounting, computer literate, graduate member Nigerian Institute of Mgt., Tel: 08029095152, E-mail: Thanks

    • profile image

      Azeez 5 years ago

      Pls I need company job I have OND in marketing pls my no 08035834669

    • profile image

      Ujah marycynthia 5 years ago

      Pls help,i need a job as a waitress,receptionist,bar lady, lagos. am an ssce can get me on 07034708504.thanks.

    • profile image

      Okata chibueze 5 years ago

      I need a job in any industry, i studied biochemistry and any analytical company pls

    • profile image

      Bosede 5 years ago

      Secretary of any well nestablished company

    • profile image

      Chuks ifediora 5 years ago

      I need a job as a waiter in lagos. My number is 07031231152

    • profile image

      Edna pobeni 5 years ago

      I need a job as a secretary admin. I am undergraduate. Disengaged from bank 2 yrs ago after serving for 15 years.

    • profile image

      INEIDOU MacAUSTIN 5 years ago

      i need a job i am a profesionally train driver pls call 07039437161

    • profile image

      Adeyemi oshitade 6 years ago

      am an N.C.E older,pls,i need a job badly,there is no job i cn't do,except thieve,am strong,very hard working,,dis is my fone numba,08182903263 or 07059928725....or u can reach me on my e-mail address by,,,thanks

    • profile image

      maduagwu gladys 7 years ago

      i need a job as a receptionist,waitress etc but am an undergraduate

    • profile image

      scheng1 7 years ago

      wow, I can't imagine Africans using online services to find jobs. My impression of Africa is the unity in family ties, and using a large network of friends and families to get a job.

    • profile image

      okeke eucharia ebere 8 years ago

      i need a job, as secretary, receptionist, waitress. etc