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Finding Out The Cost Value Of Your Stock With Magento Reports

Updated on February 23, 2012


I am not a regular writer on HubPages, so I tend to only write about topics which I believe will actually help people. Today, I have been looking at selling a business of mine and needed to find out an accurate stock valuation. This is where the inspiration for this Hub came from as I couldn't find out how to do this!

This particular store is powered by Magento which gives you the option of entering in the cost price of your products when you add a new item to your inventory. If you haven't entered in the cost price, then you should probably stop reading here!

I will try my best to guide you through step by step on how to do everything. This guide is however meant for people who already know how to use FTP and the Magento Admin Panel. Before we start, I will let you know that you don't need to purchase any add-ons in order to do this and it won't cost you a penny! (assuming you have the following bits of software!)

You will need the following:

  • All items must have an accurate stock level and cost price entered in (the results are only as good as the information entered)
  • Access to your websites admin
  • FTP Access to your website
  • Microsoft Excel or similar


The Method

I will at some point write a guide on how to use FTP and write a little bit more information on how to use Excel, sorry if this guide sounds confusing! When you know how to do this, it's fairly straight forward!

  1. Go to your Magento stores admin panel
  2. Click on 'Reports > Import / Export > Profiles
  3. Click on 'Export All Products'
  4. Click on 'Run Profile'
  5. Once you have done this, the profile will run on your Magento store and Magento will create a file in your FTP which you can download.
  6. Login to your websites FTP Panel
  7. Navigate to your Root Directory and go into the following directories 'var/export'.
  8. Within this folder, you should see a file named something along the lines of 'Export_all_products.csv'
  9. Download this file and open it in Excel
  10. Based on my version of Magento, the Cost Price field is located in column 'AB'. The Stock Level (known as 'qty' in the Excel export) is in column 'AP'. You will need to check these are the same in your version.
  11. To calculate the cost price, we simply need to multiple the cost price by the number in stock. To do this, we need to do the following:

    Go to the end of the table and in an empty cell of on of your products, type:


    This will multiple the cost price by the number in stock. Press enter and you should have the correct sum.

    You can then grab the bottom corner of the cell and drag it down to all the other rows in the excel spreadsheet. To finish this off, you can then add an additional row at the bottom of the document in the new column you've created (which will effectively be your cost of stock for each item and add them all together using the following formula:

    (Ensure that you replace the * in the formula above with the number of the last row of your document. You also need to make sure the 'BP' is the correct column).
  12. It usually is easiest if you remove all the other columns out the document. I would recommend leaving column H in (Title), the cost price and the stock level. This then leaves you with a tidy spreadsheet where you can accurately work everything out.

Hopefully the above steps all make sense. Once you know how to do this, it is very easy. I am currently looking into the options of modifying the XML code in the profile to automate this process so it is calculated when the export file is run. If I am successful, I will update this Hub.

Any comments would be appreciated!

How To Use FTP (FileZilla)

A Little More Information...

Magento is a powerful piece of software that has hundreds of features that many people don't even use. There are a significant number of modifications available for the Magento system at very competitive prices.

We have used a large amount of Magento modifications and below are a list of links to some of the best Magento 'modders' that are around! We have used multiple modifications on our store in order to get it to where we want to be.


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