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Finding The Right Niche

Updated on August 14, 2009

Finding The Right Niche

Pitty the poor guy that tries to write a blog about "How to play Tennis." Tennis takes years of practice to perfect and to actually become good at. Writing about how you go about it probably won't have you playing in Wimbledon next year or any year for that matter. That's why it's so important to find something you are really, really passionate about that most people want to read about. Run a list on Google to see what the top ten things are to most Americans. Can you guess what might be number 1? It may be family but my guess is it is money. It's all most people think about. Whether it's robbing a bank or making a killing on Wallstreet or winning the lottery, money is on people's minds all the time. the problem is that most people don't have a lot of it so they spend their time wishing for it. Stop wasting your time wishing for something that's probably not going to happen. The only way you'll come into money is if you go after it and still there's a very long road ahead of you. That's why it's so important to pick the right niche to write about. Don't just think it's something you like or love. It has to be something that the majority like or love. Money just happens to be number one. There are still others that peak people's interest that could draw you some readers. All I can say is be smart when deciding and if you don't get a lot of hits move on to a different one.Don't give up. On one of my future posts I'll cover the Top 50 Niches so if you're stuck you should be able to come up with something from my list.


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    • JaymoJustice profile image

      JaymoJustice 8 years ago from Saskatoon, Canada

      Good call