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Finding a New Career

Updated on June 21, 2011

Beginning A New

In this economy their are no jobs for those without confidence. We must all become confidence men in these times because it is the one thing we are in desperate need of. So when looking or seeking employment confidence is key. And not in a mouthy sort of way. Fewer words the more confident an individual comes across. But you need you need an someone to help you network for employment. This article attempts to help you identify auxiliary individuals who can help you find gainful employment, provides you with some very basic tips on preparation and outlines how to appear confident without coming across belligerent.

The Company Man

Do you know people who work in companies?

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Corporate Men

Right now, corporations have more cash on their books than ever before. Is it the calm before the storm. I can't say. I am not an insider. But if you know someone employed you have a job lead. Look for the company man/woman. Talent is talent and companies are always looking for new talent pools to pull from. I can't recommend the small business venture at this time.

Anyone you know that leaves their driveway in the morning ask for a job lead. People within your community which seem to always be employed are always the people you ask for job leads. It is the human touch a thing lost in our society today which has lead to this massive unemployment. It is like once we all had one bad day on the computer, perhaps wrote something a little too much and now we are all out of a job. First we paid for the computer and second we can't be judged for something we did in a moment. It is not the sum of our lives but it definitely plays into our employ ability.

Face book and Twitter can lead to jobs. Secretly, I am actually hoping this will be the vehicle for employ ability but I have yet to seen it be used this way. If we can all be counted out for something we did on the computer than we should all certainly be counted back in for all the nice emails or loving messages we have sent to our families. So just consider yourself back in the game and confidence is the name.

I also wouldn't be afraid to ask a politician to help you seek gainful employment either. After all they represent you and your family employed or not.

Follow the Fine Shoes

 If you don't have that corporate friend.  I understand.  Look down at men's shoes.  GE isn't wearing Reebok.  They have very fine foot wear.  If you find a man with a wooden shoe bottom you have hit the lottery.  Follow the fine foot wear all the way back to the corporate office and get an interview.  If you have followed this article to this point you have your lead.  And if you don't take a nice low paying job at a fine men's shoe shop and again you will have your leads.  I have been known be around fine men's clothing and shoe shops just for job prospects.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.  Not fetish involved though I must state as it would make me unemployable but I bet people wonder:)

Resume's & Shoes

The resume' I am certain is to line, one page and an easy read. Believe it or not the letters of recommendation are just that letters. No one will be able to predict future performance from past performance and in all likelihood you will have a change in career paths.

Confidence, confidence and more confidence with a good pair of shoes. While most woman buy their men their clothes. Men usually pick their shoes and good shoes are very telling. A nice suit doesn't hurt either. Ideally you would have the referral from the company man to get your foot in the door but once you are there it is all on you. You will have to argue why that corporation should hire you over someone that is young, healthier and probably has more education. But you have confidence, loyalty and efficiency because you managed to wriggle your way in the door by knowing the right people.


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    • profile image

      Jt walters 6 years ago

      Sean with your resume' you can get hired anywhere but I have several other hub on leads into job markets for you to explore. Thanks for reading, taking the time to comment and providing feedback.

      And I give very specific details how to apply in other hubs.


    • sean kinn profile image

      sean kinn 6 years ago from Key West and Budapest

      Guess I need to work on my shoes, hmmm ... (great Hub!)