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Finding balance in your life

Updated on August 21, 2010

Balance and success

Life, work, the entrepreneur and family

As a working professional and the father of a special needs son it is essential to find a proper balance between work and family. I have been accustomed to working hard and learning as much as I can so I can properly advise my employer and my clients on important accounting and tax matters. I also realize that I need to spend quality time with my son and give him the love and nurturing he needs to grow and develop. Since he is autistic it means I need to have more of a developing relationship with him to help him through those difficult times. I realize our time is valuable and that we don't get this precious time back and I see my son growing so fast now as he approaches his teenage years. I do not want that Harry Chapin song continually singing in my head knowing the reality of it with a father and his son being too busy to spend time together so I realize I need to find a healthy balance between the work demands and my family demands.

A CPA knows that their employer and clients always come first and we need to accomodate them and also find time for our family. Weekends are very important for spending time with our children and showing them we will always be there for them.

Nowadays it is much more stressful for all of us with a recession that has been ongoing now for the past 5 years. I know when I talk with clients they all have concerns over their cash flow and their ability to continue. I find myself being a shoulder to lean on and being sought after more than ever. We all know that tough times will come and go and have to realize that we need to be prepared to weather them as best we can and advise our clients and give them practical solutions that make sense and are continually evolving.

I also realize that times like these dictate a new way of thinking and should challenge us to do everything possible within ourselves to achieve our dreams and true calling. Tough times should bring out tough people and make them feel empowered with new opportunities that promote entrepreneurial skills and a vision of financial freedom that enables us to build a business, realize residual income, fulfill a dream and spend more time with our children and the ones we love. This is the very essence of finding balance in our lives fulfilling both our work obligations and our family needs.

Edward D. Iannielli III, CPA

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    • FGual profile image

      FGual 7 years ago from USA

      Great information here. It is so important to find balance in our lives, especially when we feel we must work all the time just to make ends meet. All work and no play makes for a dreary world.