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Looking for a job? Consider vehicle sales as the opportunity to make substantial income.

Updated on May 5, 2013

How to be successful selling cars!

During times of economic stagnation and difficult employment choices, selling cars in a sales position offers a lot of upside and experience. New vehicle sales are up, with demand projected to only be increasing the next few years, so opportunity is definitely available. If you are frustrated in your current job, or are looking for a job that has ABOVE average pay, maybe the opportunity of selling vehicles is for you. If you are motivated to make money, that it is all it takes to be a successful car salesperson.

Talk to most dealer principles, and they will tell you why it is hard to find quality salespeople, and most of it involves having to live off a commission only pay structure. Most people are weary of this, especially when you have been working for years with a secure monthly paycheck. The risk vs. reward is what you really want to consider, because for the most part if you have any talent at all, you can make a lot more money selling cars than your previous job. The other downside to the car business is the hours...holidays are usually selling days, weekends and evenings are also part of the business.

I see it two ways. The first way is that if you have not been in commission sales before, car sales has the least amount of risk getting into a sales position, and you don't need experience to get started. The second way to evaluate vehicle sales is for the experience. Once you work on commission and motivate yourself to make money, you may really enjoy working in sales...which opens up the world of opportunity for you. You may join a dealership group and sell vehicles for 6 months to a year and decide that you like it but don't like the hours, the opportunities for you out there are in your favor for landing a better job if that is what you wish to do.

The average income for someone selling vehicles from a new car franchise is $50,000+ with any talent you can make $70,000 +. Not bad income considering you don't need any degree or experience, the game changer is the desire to succeed, and if you have that $100,000 is possible. So the money is there, so how to you get to be a successful car salesperson? The two keys are how willing are you to learn, and can you stay focused on actually selling cars. That second statement about staying focused is really more difficult than you think, because selling is 90% mental.

What is the secret to being a good car salesperson? The secret is to think about what YOU hated in your own experiences while purchasing a vehicle, and change that part of the process. All too often, people think they are getting someone who is slick and not very honest, so you want to approach this totally you were selling a vehicle to your own mother. Why do people buy a vehicle from one dealer over the next? Is it the money? Actually that is #4 on the list, the truth is people purchase from someone they like and trust. Therefore, your job is to be likeable and trustworthy, the sale will take care of itself.

Selling is about being genuine, and offering solutions. Today people do a majority of their research on-line before stopping at the dealership, so your job is to make them feel comfortable about doing business with you. If you are sincere and are looking out for what the buyer is trying to accomplish, you will find that you are going to make a ton of money and have more referrals that you can handle! Why don't more vehicle salespeople follow these simple rules? They usually start this way, think they are too smart, and it becomes this power game that leads them down a course of not being a very good salesperson.

How much car experience does a person need? You really don't need a lot of car experience either, you do need to learn about the vehicle brand that you sell, all this is done with on-line training systems by the manufacturer. You do need to learn how to not cut corners and be too smart (trainable is the key), so that you provide a good presentation of the vehicle without short-cuts. Listening to the customer is something not many car salespeople do that well, so you have to learn why you have one mouth and TWO ears.

I know many car sales professionals that make $100,00 per year +. The best salesperson I have met makes about $180,000 per year, only works by appointment, and does not go to sales what are they going to teach this guy?? Anyway, he makes it easy for the customer to make a decision, because he talks to them and educates them on the purchase to the point that they feel so comfortable making the purchase, that he gets 10 referrals for every vehicle he sells. After the sale, he takes care of his customers by calling them 30 days after purchase to see how the vehicle is treating them, and if they know how to operate all the features. If not, he invites them in and he will set up the presets or the garage door opener for them. He also explains to them that if they EVER have a problem, don't call anyone else in the company, he will take care of ANY problems they have himself.

I will never forget a friend of mine who was leasing a Honda CRV when the new Honda Ridgeline came out. This salesman saw him on the lot one day looking at the new Ridgeline, and told the client that they are having a great lease on this vehicle. The client (my friend) told him that he still had a year left on the lease of the CRV, but it didn't tow his jet ski very well but he would wait until he was closer to the termination of the lease. The salesperson asked how many miles were on the CRV, and told my friend he would call him the next day. At 2:00 p.m. my friend received a call with this simple conversation. "I have the Ridgeline in white that you were looking at, along with the paperwork to lease the new 2009 for 36 months. The payment is $33.00 over your current lease payment or about a dollar per day more, all you have to do is drive out and test drive the new vehicle. If you like it, take it home in less than 30 minutes. How does that sound?" Guess what? My friend drove a vehicle that made sense to him, and was an easy purchase decision.

If you could sell like that, you will easily make six figures, and all you have to do is think about what the customer is trying to accomplish, and make it easy to do business with you. Good luck in your endeavors!


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