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Firms: Gensler

Updated on August 14, 2014

Facts and Facts

  • The revenue for the fiscal year of 2013 was $802 million, which was a new record high for the company. Gensler remains sturdy as the top architecture/global design firm in the world.
  • Gensler has more than 2,400 active clients in 112 countries.
  • There is a network of 46 offices around the globe
  • Gensler is partnered with more than 200 community organizations, such as American Red Cross, Goodwill, United Way, and We Care.
  • Gensler partnered with WorldHaus to construct affordable homes in India.
  • In an effort to help in the rebuilding of Nagashizu in Japan, which was destroyed by enormous 2011 earthquake and tsunami, Gensler sent a team to Miyagi prefecture to build a fishing hut.
  • There are over 800 projects that Gensler was involved in, according to its main website.

What is Gensler?

Gensler has consistently been one of the top, if not the top, architecture firms in the world. As stated in the official website, their paramount focus is client satisfaction, indicated by their bolded phrase “Clients come first in everything we do.” With more than 2,400 active clients of various sizes, Gensler is a global entity. The Giant also boasts “collaborative leadership,” pointing out that such leadership is imperative for effective client services. Gensler offers handful of services other than architecture, such as brand design, consulting, interior design, planning & urban design, product design, and sustainability.

Executives and BoD

As the icon of leadership, the Co-CEOs are responsible for being aware and keeping up-to-date with countless information that is necessary for the company’s growth and survival. These critical leaders are: Diane Hoskins, David Gensler, and Andy Cohen. The camaraderie between these leaders has evolved the company into the first truly global design firm.

Current Chair of the Board of Directors is Robin Klehr Avia and the Vice Chair is Andy Cohen.

NVIDIA Headquarters

Cloud 9
Cloud 9 | Source
Incheon Hyatt Regency Hotel
Incheon Hyatt Regency Hotel | Source
Abu Dhabi Financial Centre
Abu Dhabi Financial Centre | Source
The Avenue - Phase III
The Avenue - Phase III | Source
IZU Velodrome
IZU Velodrome | Source
Shanghai Tower
Shanghai Tower | Source


Gensler administers immeasurable number of astonishing projects such as:

  • Cloud 9 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is an entertainment facility that offers a plethora of recreational activities to Saudi teens and pre-teens, which faced a lack of options for safe socialization. Comprised of a series of plazas at varying levels, which provides a video-game-like environment, Cloud 9 accommodates both physical activities and IT interactivity.
  • Hyatt Regency Incheon in South Korea will serve as a premier venue for international conferences and business meetings in North East Asia. The project is supposed to double the size of the existing hotel in order to keep up with the growth of major businesses and leisure hubs.
  • NVIDIA Headquarter in Santa Clara, California, is a 250,000 square-foot triangular headquarter building for the leading visual computing technology firm. Established in the region of Silicon Valley, this building boasts a maximum convenience and efficiency design in its use of space, energy, cost, and environment. In NIVIDIA blogs, Jen-Hsun Huang, a co-founder, wrote “It (NVIDIA Headquarter) will be the symbol, the physical manifestation, of our vision for the company.” This project is led by Gensler’s young Harvard-trained architect, Hao Ko.
  • Abu Dhabi has identified Al Maryah Island as its new Financial Center. The city needed an environment that was capable of maximizing connectivity for the workers and visitors, and Gensler was given the opportunity to make it happen. This 122-hectare project will become the staple of the Abu Dhabi finances.
  • With 545 retail units and 6 districts, Phase III of The Avenues in Kuwait City is a significant extension of Kuwait’s premier commercial/leisure venue. This dream-like shopping/entertainment super-giant has a star rating of 4.5 out of 5 on TripAdvisor, certainly making it a highly-recommended traveler’s site.
  • IZU Velodrome is Japan’s first 250-meter indoor cycle track. The wooden track will be able to host UCI Category-1 sprinting events as well as a training facility for Japan’s national athletes.
  • One of the world’s tallest towers, the Shanghai Tower is a 632 giant that is established in the heart of Shanghai’s Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone. The tower is built with top-end sustainability aspects that exceed the current standards of a green community. The 121 story building will consist of Class A office spaces, entertainment venues, retail, a conference center, a luxury hotel, and cultural amenity spaces.

The Avenues Phase III Animation


The interns at Gensler will be able to take on unique hands-on experience in real projects, working together with the design teams and clients. The internship positions in New York (but not limited to) include Student Architectural Intern, Student Interior Architecture Intern, Student Interior Design Intern, Student Research Intern, and Student Marketing Intern. Most of these internships are Fall programs. The interns are full-time and paid. There are criteria for the students, so if you are a student interested in an internship in Gensler, you should begin preparing/applying for the position ahead of time.


Most of the information in this article is gathered from Gensler's official website: Here


These are some specified job positions, out of many, to give you an idea of Gensler’s career options.

  • Interior Designer, Product Designer, Web Designers, Urban Designer
  • Environmental Graphic Designer
  • Project Manager
  • Studio Coordinator
  • Regional Resource Librarian
  • CRM Specialist
  • Brand Strategist
  • Real Estate Consultants
  • Information Management Experts,
  • Accountants
  • Marketers
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Master Planner

More Projects

San Francisco International Airport, Terminal 2
San Francisco International Airport, Terminal 2 | Source
Tower at PNC Plaza
Tower at PNC Plaza | Source


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